Ecology of the Saguaro: II
NPS Scientific Monograph No. 8
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We dedicate this work to the memory of Dr. Homer L. Shantz whose foresight and active concern for the preservation of its exceptional natural qualities were a vital contribution to the establishment of Saguaro National Monument.

Nowhere in the world is there so fine a stand of the giant sahuara (Carnegia gigantia) as in the area included in the University Cactus Forest. Here the plants rise so close together that at times it is difficult to see through them for any great distance. Unique as is the area because of the close stand of sahuara, it is none the less remarkable for the fine stand of cholla, viznaga, ocotilla, palo verde, and hackberry, as well as hundreds of other interesting plants. Those who know every portion of the great Southwest maintain that the area surpasses them all.

To allow this area to pass to private ownership and to allow these great plants to be destroyed or shipped and sold, would not only be a calamity to Arizona but to the nation and to science as well. Unfortunately the area had already been homesteaded, but the vegetation still remains in its virgin state. Many people have been interested and have contributed to the preservation of this area. Now it stands as outlined in the statement. No finer natural area can be found—but an area that must be protected or it will soon be destroyed. It ranks with the great Redwoods, not in age and not in mass of vegetation, but certainly in unique character and surpasses it in variety of form.—

Homer L. Shantz, 1932.

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