Giant Sequoia Ecology: Fire and Reproduction
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The studies reported here were made possible by a series of research contracts with the National Park Service. In addition, logistic, supportive and facilitating assistance was given by the National Park Service including the Whitaker's Forest Cooperative Natural Research Station that is operated jointly with the University of California at Berkeley. The preparation of this monograph was also supported1 by the National Park Service.

1Contract MT 8550-4-0578

We especially acknowledge the personal interest and encouragement of park administrators, biologists, naturalists, rangers, and forestry personnel. Without their involvement this research could not have been accomplished. Of particular value was the help given by John McLaughlin, Peter Schuft, Frank Kowski, and Ray Murphy in setting up the project. Charlie Castro is greatly appreciated for his help in rigging the study trees. David Parsons and Bruce Kilgore provided support and encouragement throughout the many years of this study.

We are most appreciative of the able assistance of Phyllis Stecker. Her curation of insects and ground crewing for the in-tree studies are particularly noteworthy. Richard Benner of Whitaker's Forest was extremely helpful in his numerous kindnesses and maintenance of weather instruments. Daniel Falconer is acknowledged for his assistance on seed germination studies. Also, appreciation is given to Jerry and Wanna Pitts and Margaret Kelley for their assistance.

During the preparation of this monograph we have been severely handicapped by the absence of Richard Hartesveldt. His death in 1975 left us without the leadership that he provided throughout the study. We received assistance, however, from numerous people. Paramount were those who critically reviewed the manuscript. National Park Service scientists David Parsons, Jan vanWagtendonk and Orthello Wallis were most helpful. Philip Rundel of the University of California, Irvine; Thomas Bonnicksen of the University of California, Berkeley; Carl Sharsmith of San Jose State University also reviewed the entire manuscript. George Lawrence of Bakersfield College reviewed the two chapters on vertebrates, for which we are grateful.

We are indebted to Michael Kutilek, James Harvey and David Hartesveldt for their assistance in statistical analyses. Also much appreciated are Lawrence Silva for graphic work and Winthrop Stiles for photographic services. Help in identification of insects was graciously done by Ray Gill, Paul Freytag and Alan Hardy. The secretarial services were outstandingly performed by Katharine Price, Tavia Fries and Evelyn Harvey.


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