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Numerous people gave of their time and aided me in researching and writing this report. My thanks go to Superintendent Robert Arnberger and his staff at Saguaro National Monument, especially Robert Hall. I appreciated the efforts of Marquita McCrone of the Coronado National Forest office in Tucson for taking the extra time to find material for me. In addition the people in the following agencies and institutions were very helpful: David Faust of Fort Lowell State Park, the Arizona Office of the Bureau of Land Management in Phoenix, Arizona Department of Mineral Resources in Phoenix, Arizona State Archives and Library in Phoenix, Arizona Bureau of Geology and Mineral Technology in Tucson, Arizona Historical Society in Tucson, University of Arizona Library Special Collections and Map Collection, Arizona Foundation in the Arizona State University Library, Western Archeology Center Library, Tucson City Library, Tucson Art Museum, National Archives and Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., Denver Regional Federal Archives and Record Center, Harpers Ferry Center Archives, Newberry Library, Huntington Library, Bancroft Library, United States Bureau of Mines in Denver, and the United States Geological Survey Library in Denver. I wish to thank Frank Williss for reading the report and am grateful to my wife, Margaret, for her comments. I also wish to thank Lawrence F. Van Horn, Diane Rhodes, and Susan J. Wells for writing the Prehistoric and Ethnological Overviews. Again, Joan Manson so ably prepared the report for publication.

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Last Updated: 23-Jun-2005