The Regional Review

Volume III - No. 6

December, 1939


ALVIN C. YORK, famous sergeant hero of the American Expeditionary Force in France during the World War, has entered on duty as CCC Project Superintendent at Cumberland Homesteads State Park, Tennessee. Until recently he had been president and business manager of the York Agriculture Institute, Jamestown, Tennessee. On his Service application papers he shows, with a simple check mark under "Army," that he served in that branch of the armed forces. He confines the statement of his military record to the notation that he enlisted as private, 328th Infantry, on November 14, 1917, and was discharged as a sergeant on May 30, 1919.

DANIEL T. BLANEY and EDOUARD N. DUBE, Inspectors, and EDWARD L. BIKE, State Supervisor, Recreation Study, have been assigned to headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. Mr. Blaney was transferred from Concord, New Hampshire, and Messrs. Dube and Bike from Salem, Massachusetts.

LEON E. ASHLEY, formerly of Region III, has entered on duty as Supervisor of Safety and Project Training, with headquarters in Richmond.

THOR BORRESEN, formerly Junior Research Technician attached to the staff of Colonial National Historical Park, Virginia, has been transferred to the Richmond regional headquarters as Assistant Research Technician.

F. D. NICHOLS, Junior Architect, Washington, is on detail in Richmond as a result of the recent establishment of a regional unit of the Historic American Buildings Survey. W. T. RAMSEY, R. C. NEALE and D. F. CIANGO, all Junior Architects, have entered on duty with Richmond headquarters in connection with the same work. (See The Regional Review, Vol. III, No. 3, September, 19-22).

STUART M. BARNETTE, Assistant Architect of the regional office staff, is on special assignment at San Juan, Puerto Rico, relating to architectural restorations and to business of the Historic American Buildings Survey.


Nine persons have been appointed by Governor Clyde R. Hoey of North Carolina to serve as a special commission authorized to obtain lands intended for inclusion in the proposed Cape Hatteras National Seashore on the "Outer Banks". The members are R. Bruce Etheridge, director of the Department of Conservation and Development, Raleigh; J. C. B. Ehringhaus, former governor, Raleigh; Mrs. James H. R. Cromwell (nee Doris Duke), Sommerville, New Jersey; Mrs. J. A. Buchanan, Durham; Santford Martin, Winston-Salem editor; Josh Horne, Jr., Rocky Mount editor; R. Wahab, Ocracoke and Baltimore; Coleman W. Roberts, president of the Carolina Motor Club., Charlotte, and Van Campen Heilner, sportsman and author, New York City.

Commenting on formation of the new body, Congressman Lindsay C. Warren of North Carolina expressed the opinion that "this is one of the most outstanding commissions ever named in North Carolina and I think all of them will take an enthusiastic interest in the proposed Cape Hatteras National Seashore."


Two Blakely cannon which were brought into the Savannah River in 1861 aboard the British vessel Fingal, one of the earliest instances of blockade running during the American Civil War, have been returned to Fort Pulaski as authentic mementoes of the epochal siege of April 10-11, 1862. Seized by Federal forces after surrender of the fort, the two English-made guns later were placed on Trophy Hill at the United States Military Academy, West Point. The recent transfer was effected after definite identification of the pieces had been made. One of the guns (possibly both of them) saw service on the terreplein during the 30-hour siege.

A third cannon was acquired by the National Monument through donation from the Catholic Community Center of Savannah and city officials. The piece, which had served for many years as a hitching post, is believed to have been a part of the Fort Pulaski armament but identification is not yet positive.


Harry Clemons, librarian of the University of Virginia, has directed attention to an error (made presumably in transcription of hand written notes) which occurred in the last issue of The Regional Review under "Bibliographical Notes." Sponsorship of Andrew C. Albrecht's report, Natchez, Mississippi, and Its Aboriginal Inhabitants, was ascribed to the University of Virginia. The notice should have read: "111 typed pages with bibliography. Louisiana Statewide Archeological Project, Works Progress Administration, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge." Inquiries should be directed therefore to Louisiana State University and not to the University of Virginia.

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Date: 04-Jul-2002