Region III Quarterly

Volume 3 - No. 4

October, 1941

United States
Department of the Interior
National Park Service
Region Three
Santa Fe, New Mexico

October 23, 1941.

With this issue, the Region Three Quarterly suspends publication. It will be merged with The Regional Review, published by Region One, in Richmond, Va. The Regional Review will expand its field of coverage so as to be representative of the four Regions of the National Park Service. It will include articles whose aim will be to appeal to all Service personnel, and to individuals and organizations outside the Service. It will take over the Region Three Quarterly mailing list.

Communications concerning The Regional Review should be addressed to The Regional Director, National Park Service, 811 Grace Securities Building, Richmond, Va.

We express our sincere appreciation to the many persons who have contributed articles, suggestions, and other helpful cooperation to the Region Three Quarterly. We know that such persons will give similar help to The Regional Review.

M. R. Tillotson, Regional Director.

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