Region III Quarterly

Volume 2 - No. 2

April, 1940


Wanted, an unlimited number of men and women! Besides the time-tested qualities of honesty, dependability, common sense, and willingness to work, they must have a variety of others. Being mentally alert, physically fit, and personally neat, and having the skills to do their respective jobs efficiently, they must have an attitude of mind which will tend to bring out the best in themselves and in others.

By "attitude of mind" is meant that combination of qualities, which, hard to achieve, is essential for the best interest of the State, society, the organization, and self. There must be loyalty - loyalty not only to superiors, equals, and subordinates but to the cause for which the individual is working. There must be a willingness to follow orders; however, in following orders, the individual is to be expected to use his own judgment to push the program forward or where it will save the time, energy, and money of others.

Working for a greater cause than mere self, the individual must subordinate self to that cause through cooperation with others. Coordination of his work with that of others is essential if the cause for which all are working may be advanced.

Those willing to accept positions of greater responsibility and leadership must meet additional requirements. The leader will be known by his ability to inspire those who fellow him. His courtesy and consideration to subordinates and his dependency upon them is just as important as his ability to please and serve his superior officers. As a leader he must have vision - vision which will enable him to look ahead of those around him. Such vision, if founded upon bases of practicability, will lead to ultimate success.

With ability to follow approved rules and regulations, he must be able to interpret them with tolerance and judgment where his fellow beings are concerned. At no time should the desire to follow rules and regulations to the letter mean the loss of ability to judge the individual instance with fairness, impartiality, and human consideration. The best judge, after all, is one who tempers justice to fit the circumstances of a case.

Other qualifications are desired. Besides being familiar with a specific job and the work of others, and the aims of the greater cause, it is necessary to knew the problems of the present day world in order that they may be solved by these whom they affect - all of us.

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Date: 17-Nov-2005