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Located within the Redwood National Park are a number of Yurok, two Tolowa, and two Chilula village sites. These sites are located on the Historical Base Map. During the week of April 21-27, 1969, I visited several of the Yurok sites: Rekwoi, Wetlekwali, Otmekor, and Oreku. At Rekwoi there is a typical Yurok house that has been restored by the Del Norte Historical Society and a small Indian Cemetery, while at Otmekor a number of excavations for houses and sweathouses remain. [35] No remains were found at Wetlekwali and Oreku. At the latter site they have been obliterated by the sawmill. An archeological survey of the area should be undertaken as soon as possible in an effort to pinpoint on the ground the sites of other Yurok villages within the Park. These villages are: Espau, Osegen, Otwego, O'men, and O'menhipur. Because of the high visitor interest in the Redwood Creek area, an archeological survey should be undertaken to locate and mark on the ground the sites of the Chilula villages of Howunakut and Noieding, as well as the Tolowa sites of Nec Kab and Chinyatlchi, in Del Norte County.

The story of the Yurok and their river-based economy can best be told at the mouth of the Klamath. Dad's Fishing Camp is located on the south bank of the Klamath, and twice a year, during the salmon runs, the spit is overrun with fishermen. On the north side of the Klamath, at Requa, is the restored Yurok house and the Indian cemetery. Undoubtedly, Service archeologists could clear the area and locate and excavate additional house and sweathouse pits.

Exhibits describing the cultures of the Tolowa, Yurok, and Chi lula should occupy space in the Park Visitor Center. The Indians of the Humboldt Coast were skilled in several crafts, especially basket making. It may be possible to interest the Indians of the nearby Hoopa Reservation in providing craft demonstrations and to fish for salmon, as they would have, in the 19th century. This would be Living History at its best.

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