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In the first decade of the 20th century, after the opening of a through road from Crescent City to Eureka, a number of hotels and inns were opened along this route. These guest houses catered to tourists, hunters, and fishermen. These inns were:

1. The Orick Inn: Walter Devlin, its proprietor, provided guides, horses, camping outfits, and provisions for hunters and fishermen.

2. Davidson's Inn: At Davidson's on Prairie Creek many parties interested in deer and bear hunting, and trout fishing made their headquarters.

3. Boyes' Ranch: This was a popular resort of hunters and fishermen. Here horses and pack outfits were available for the trip over the Ah Pah Trail to Ward's ranch.

4. Hamilton's Hotel*: The Hamilton Hotel was popular with both sportsmen and tourists. It was located in good deer and bear hunting country, while the Hamiltons specialized in a "good home table, home-made butter and cream, fresh vegetables, and berries." From the cliffs fronting the hotel, the visitor had a spectacular view of the Pacific. In August, schools of whales could be seen frolicking off-shore. [26]

*See National Register Forms, pp. 391-403.

5. Comments and Recommendations

Two of these hotels, the Orick Inn and Hamilton's, still stand, but only one, Hamilton's, is within the Park. Hamilton's Hotel will be included on the List of Classified Structures, and a Historic Structures Report will be required.

As Hamilton's Hotel enjoys a commanding view of the ocean, it should be used as a visitor contact point, to interpret the tourist and the Redwoods.

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