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The author wishes to thank the following individuals and institutions for their assistance in the completion of this study: National Park Service Chief Historian Edwin C. Bearss; Randall Cooley, Project Director, America's Industrial Heritage Project; Keith Dunbar, Planning Director, America's Industrial Heritage Project; Loretta Schmidt, Historian, America's Industrial Heritage Project; John Albright, Project Manager, Eastern Team, Denver Service Center; Mark Pritchett, Landscape Architect, Eastern Team, Denver Service Center; Sharon Brown, Historian, Eastern Team, Denver Service Center; Gordon Chappell, Regional Historian, Western Region, National Park Service; Ronald W. Johnson, Section Chief, Branch of Planning, Central Team, Denver Service Center; Frank Ackerman, Chief of Interpretation, Cape Cod National Seashore; Jan Stickland, Lou Tidd, Joan Huff, National Park Service, Denver Service Center; Peter H. Stott, Historic American Engineering Record Historian, Washington D. C.; and the staff of the Rocky Mountain Region Library, Denver, Colorado; University of Colorado Library, Boulder, Colorado; Altoona Area Public Library, Altoona, Pennsylvania; Hagley Museum and Library, Wilmington, Delaware; and the Colorado Railroad Museum Library, Golden, Colorado.


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Last Updated: 22-Oct-2004