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Padre Island National Seashore: A Guide to the Geology, Natural Environments, and History of a Texas Barrier Island


The authors wish to thank many individuals and organizations who contributed to this guidebook. L. F. Brown, Jr., Associate Director of the Bureau of Economic Geology, initiated the project, reviewed the manuscript, and provided technical advice throughout the guidebook's completion. Robert J. Finley, David K. Hobday, Mary W. McBride, J. H. McGowen, Robert A. Morton, and Charles M. Woodruff, Jr., research geologists with the Bureau of Economic Geology, reviewed the manuscript and made many useful suggestions. Final review of the manuscript was by Debra L. Richmann. Cartography was by D. F. Scranton; illustrations were drafted by Margaret L. Evans under the direction of J. W. Macon, Chief Cartographer. The preliminary manuscript was edited and indexed by Eddie Selig. Final manuscript editing and indexing were by Michelle Pemberton. Becky P. Lasley assisted with final indexing. The Geology and Natural Environments Map (pl. I) was edited by Karen White and reviewed by Ann St. Clair. Charlotte J. Frere and Fannie M. Sellingsloh composed the manuscript and map explanation. Design and layout were by Judy Culwell and Judith Johnson. David Stephens printed text photographs.

Other staff members of the Bureau of Economic Geology who helped in manuscript preparation were manuscript typists Myrtle L. Bashara and Thomas W. Kelly, under the direction of Lucille Harrell; proofreaders Jane Hedgepeth, Becky P. Lasley, and Susan H. Shaw, and editors R. Marie Jones, Amanda R. Masterson, and Martha C. Wright, under the direction of Susann Doenges.

The authors express appreciation to staff members of the National Park Service for their cooperation and especially to Chief Naturalist Robert G. Whistler and Park Naturalist Rich Harris, for providing information about the National Seashore and reviewing preliminary copies of the map and text.

Several individuals of the General Land Office of Texas made valuable contributions, specifically H. E. White, Jr., Jesse Cox, Lloyd Mullins, and Jack Bowen, who provided aerial photographs, equipment, and field support.

Grateful acknowledgment is made to Barto Arnold and Curtis Tunnell of the Texas Historical Commission and to W. W. Newcomb, Jr., Professor of Anthropology, The University of Texas at Austin, for reviewing the historical section of the guidebook.

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Last Updated: 28-Mar-2007