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North Cascades National Park Service Complex, Washington
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This study on the historic resources of the North Cascades is the result of a collaborative effort by many individuals to whom I am grateful. These acknowledgements are belated, for many of these people began assisting me in 1984 when I first approached the North Cascades to undertake the Historic Structures Inventory for the park.

Thanks go first and foremost to Keith Miller and John Reynolds, past and present superintendents of North Cascades National Park Service Complex, and their past and present staff, who allowed a stranger from the regional office to infiltrate the park, searching files, "picking" brains, and hiking the backcountry in hopes of finding those elusive historic structures. Special thanks go to Jim Harris, Susan Calder, Paul Bakke, and Steve Budelier, who graciously served as backcountry guides now and then; and Jerry Lee, Craig Holmquist, Bill Lester, Kelly Bush, Noel Poe, Curt Sauer, Darrel Wilsey and Jim Hammett, who offered endless information about locations of structures, sites, trails, bears, and the like.

The Cultural Resources Division of the Pacific Northwest Regional Office offered unfailing support and guidance throughout the course of research and writing. In particular, thanks are due to Cathy Gilbert, who enthusiastically critiqued numerous drafts of the manuscript; Stephanie Toothman, for her insightful and constructive remarks; and Associate Regional Director, Richard Winters, for his unending encouragement. Many thanks to editors Flo Lentz and Jane Evans who carefully read this lengthy tome, providing useful comments to help it along its way. Without the assistance of the region's Word Processing Center, particularly Susan Banks, Barb Denicola, and Vanessa Gilder, this manuscript would never have reached a printer.

I am indebted to several individuals whose earlier efforts researching the history of the North Cascades provided an excellent base from which to begin my work: Erwin Thompson, whose History Basic Data was invaluable; Gay Robertson, who recorded oral histories from more than two dozen people and then painstakingly transcribed all of the tapes; and Carol Stone, for her stamina in completing extensive newspaper research.

Special thanks must be extended to the Philip Callahan family of Seattle, Fred Berry of Bayview, and Vera Murphy of Washtucna, who kindly shared their family archives and memories with me. Their contributions truly gave this history a human aspect.

Repositories whose staff never hesitated to help during the research stage of the study include the University of Washington's Manuscripts and Archives Department and the Northwest Collection; Washington State University Library, Washington State Library; Washington State Department of Natural Resources; Seattle City Light; Federal Archives and Records Center at Sand Point; and the United States Forest Service at Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest in Seattle and Sedro Woolley, and Okanogan National Forest in Okanogan, Washington.

Finally, appreciation and thanks to Robert Peshkin for his endless assistance and humor in both the backcountry (of the park) and frontcountry (home) throughout the course of my work.

To all these people and institutions, to those who took the time to read drafts of the study and comment, and others I inadvertently neglected to mention, acknowledge my sincere thanks.

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Last Updated: 07-Feb-1999