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Chapter 1

Chapter 2
The Biology of Salt Marshes

Chapter 3
Banking/Diking Procedures

Chapter 4
Economics of Land Reclamation

Chapter 5
Salt-Hay Farming

Chapter 6
Meadow Companies

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Sources Consulted

The Landscape Transformation of Coastal New Jersey
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2Research reveals that it was possible for a meadow company to reclaim the property of a marshland owner who did not or could not afford to participate in the collective; the company could then rent the land to pay for maintenance and taxes. It should also be noted that the owners of reclaimed marshlands sometimes rented out the rights to use the land to hunt as well as to cut salt hay.

3This description of the different duties is a simplistic overview. Over the years, certain duties and offices were eliminated while others were added. Furthermore, by the nineteenth-century collectors were called treasurers, and assessors were called arbitrators, or commissioners. More precise information can be found within the respective acts of incorporation located at the Trenton State Library.

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6Senior and junior does not follow their names; it is not part of their legal name and the family does not recognize these additions.

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