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Appendix A: U.S. Army Casualities, Nez Perce War, 1877

I. White Bird Canyon, June 17, 1877.
(Sources: Secretary of War, Report . . . 1877, 131-32. Corrected as per McDermott, Forlorn Hope, and other materials.)


1.Edward R. ThellerFirst lieut.GTwenty-first Infantry
2.Roman D. LeeCorporalHFirst Cavalry
3.Michael CurranCorporalHFirst Cavalry
4.Frank A. MarshallTrumpeterHFirst Cavalry
5.John GalvinSaddlerHFirst Cavalry
6.Adalaska B. CrawfordPrivateHFirst Cavalry
7.Valentine EdwardsPrivateHFirst Cavalry
8.Laurence KavanaghPrivateHFirst Cavalry
9.James E. MorriseyPrivateHFirst Cavalry
10.John J. MurphyPrivateHFirst Cavalry
11.Olaf NielsonPrivateHFirst Cavalry
12.John SheaPrivateHFirst Cavalry
13.John SimpsonPrivateHFirst Cavalry
14.Andrew WernerPrivateHFirst Cavalry
15.Patrick H. GunnSergeantFFirst Cavalry
16.Thomas RyanSergeantFFirst Cavalry
17.John L. ThompsonCorporalFFirst Cavalry
18.John JonesTrumpeterFFirst Cavalry
19.Charles ArmstrongPrivateFFirst Cavalry
20.Joseph BlainePrivateFFirst Cavalry
21.Frank E. BurchPrivateFFirst Cavalry
22.James C. ColbertPrivateFFirst Cavalry
23.Patrick ConnollyPrivateFFirst Cavalry
24.Lawrence K. DauchPrivateFFirst Cavalry
25.John H. DonnePrivateFFirst Cavalry
26.William L. HurlbertPrivateFFirst Cavalry
27.James S. LewisPrivateFFirst Cavalry
28.William ListonPrivateFFirst Cavalry
29.John M. MartinPrivateFFirst Cavalry
30.John R. MosforthPrivateFFirst Cavalry
31.David QuinlanPrivateFFirst Cavalry
32.Peter SchulleinPrivateFFirst Cavalry
33.Andrew ShawPrivateFFirst Cavalry
34.Charles SullivanPrivateFFirst Cavalry


1.Thomas McLaughlinPrivateFFirst Cavalry

—conical ball; right arm and forearm; flesh wound.
2.Joseph KellyPrivateHFirst Cavalry

—conical ball; left thigh; flesh wound.

II. Looking Glass's Camp, July 1, 1877.


IIIa. Rains's Encounter, Cottonwood, July 3, 1877.
(Sources: Secretary of War, Report . . . 1877, 132; and Assistant Surgeon William R. Hall to Medical Director, Department of the Columbia, July 6, 1877, entry 624, box 1, Office of the Adjutant General. Corrected as per Regimental Returns . . . First Cavalry, July 1877, roll 166.)


1.Sevier M. RainsSecond lieut.LFirst Cavalry
2.Charles LampmanSergeantEFirst Cavalry
3.John BurkPrivateEFirst Cavalry
4.Patrick QuinnPrivateEFirst Cavalry
5.Daniel RyanPrivateEFirst Cavalry
6.William RochePrivateEFirst Cavalry
7.Franklin MoodyPrivateLFirst Cavalry
8.Frederick MeyerPrivateLFirst Cavalry
9.George H. DintemanPrivateLFirst Cavalry
10.Otto H. RichterPrivateLFirst Cavalry
11.David CarrollPrivateLFirst Cavalry


1. William Foster
2. Charles Blewett

IIIb. Cottonwood Skirmish, July 4, 1877.


IIIc. Volunteers' Fight, Cottonwood, July 5, 1877.
(Source: Frank Fenn, "The Cottonwood Fight," Kooskia, Idaho, Mountaineer, April 23, 1927.)


1. Darius B. Randall
2. Benjamin Evans
3. D. H. Howser (died of wounds)


1. Charles Johnson
2. Alonzo B. Leland

IV. Clearwater, July 11-12, 1877.
(Sources: Secretary of War, Report . . . 1877, 32-33; "List of Wounded in Gen. Howard's expedition . . . Battle of Clearwater." Corrected as per Regimental Returns . . . First Cavalry, July 1877, roll 166; Regimental Returns . . . Fourth Artillery, July 1877, roll 30; and Regimental Returns . . . Twenty-first Infantry, July 1877, roll 220.)


1.James A. WorkmanSergeantAFourth Artillery7/12
2.Charles MarquardtCorporalAFourth Artillery7/12
3.James DoyleCorporalITwenty-first Infantry7/11
4.Charles ClarkPrivateITwenty-first Infantry7/11
5.Juan PlattaPrivateEFirst Cavalry7/11
6.Alson ComptonPrivateITwenty-first Infantry7/12
7.Fred MontaudonPrivateEFourth Artillery7/11
8.William HutchinsonPrivateCTwenty-first Infantry7/11
9.Maier CohnPrivateHFirst Cavalry7/12
10.Edward WykoffPrivateBTwenty-first Infantry7/11
11.David McNallyPrivateETwenty-first Infantry7/11
12.Frederick SandmierBlacksmithEFirst Cavalry7/11
13.Charles SimondsPrivateGFourth Artillery7/12

—originally carried as missing in action morning of 7/12.


1.Eugene A. BancroftCaptainAFourth Artillery7/11

—conical ball; left shoulder and thorax; severe wound; apex of lung wounded; ball extracted from shoulder.
2.Charles A. WilliamsSecond lieut.CTwenty-first Infantry7/11

—conical ball; right forearm and right thigh; slight wound; flesh wound.
3.Abraham RepertSergeantITwenty-first Infantry7/11

—conical ball; left buttock; severe wound; ball not found.
4.Levis ShaffnerPrivateITwenty-first Infantry7/11

—conical ball; right thigh, left thigh, and left leg; three flesh wounds; ball extracted.
5.Richard HansonSergeantEFirst CavalryUnk

—conical ball; right leg; slight wound; flesh wound.
6.William BuckowPrivateBTwenty-first Infantry7/11

—right thigh; severe wound; compound fracture of lower extremity of femur; amputated through middle third.
7.Daniel McGrathPrivateHTwenty-first Infantry7/11

—conical ball; left arm; severe wound; resection of three inches of humerus.
8.Henry V. RichitFirst sergeantCTwenty-first Infantry7/11

—round ball; left thorax; severe wound; perforating wound of thorax.
9.George GrahamPrivateEFourth Artillery7/11

—round ball; back and jaw; slight wound; two flesh wounds.
10.Bernard SimpsonSergeantLFirst Cavalry7/12

—conical ball; left leg; severe wound; ball not found.
11.William GarveanPrivateITwenty-first Infantry7/11

—conical ball; scalp wound; slight wound.
12.Ephraim HessCorporalAFourth Artillery7/11

—conical ball; left arm; severe wound; fracture of the humerus, not comminuted; wound enlarged and explored.
13.Joseph HeldTrumpeterHFirst Cavalry7/12

—conical ball; left foot; slight wound; flesh wound.
14.Francis WintersPrivateBTwenty-first Infantry7/11

—conical ball; left thigh; slight wound; flesh wound.
15.Gottleib WeikerlePrivateITwenty-first Infantry7/11

—conical ball; buttock; severe wound; flesh wound through both buttocks.
16.Fritz HeberPrivateMFirst CavalryUnk

—conical ball; right arm and right leg; severe wound; flesh wounds.
17.Peter MurphyCorporalITwenty-first Infantry7/11

—conical ball; right arm and thorax; flesh wounds; ball extracted.
18.William KenkleFirst sergeantITwenty-first Infantry7/11

—conical ball; thorax; flesh wound.
19.Thomas BurnsCorporalEFourth Artillery7/11

—conical ball; left foot; flesh wound.
20.Thomas ConnellyCorporalHTwenty-first Infantry7/11

—round ball; back; slight wound; flesh wound; ball extracted.
21.Samuel FergusonPrivateEFirst CavalryUnk

—round ball; left thigh; slight wound; flesh wound.
22.Frederick SchicklerPrivateHTwenty-first Infantry7/11

—round ball; right arm, left thigh, and right hand; three flesh wounds.
23.Peter BlumenbergSergeantEFourth Artillery7/11

—conical ball; thorax; probably not a penetrating wound of thorax; ball extracted.
24.William BartonPrivateBTwenty-first Infantry7/11

—round ball; left shoulder; flesh wound.
25.Eugene McFilmoreCorporalEFourth Artillery7/11

—conical ball; left arm; severe wound; fracture of humerus, not comminuted; wound enlarged and explored.
26.Charles CarlinCorporalITwenty-first Infantry7/13

—conical ball; left leg; posterior of artery wounded; severe wound; femoral artery tied. Died en route from exhaustion due to loss of blood on the field.
27.John G. HinnemanMusicianITwenty-first Infantry7/13

—conical ball; hip; severe wound; ball passed into the abdominal cavity; urine escaping from wound. Died en route from the field to hospital.

V. Kamiah, July 13, 1877.
(Source: Secretary of War, Report . . . 1877, 133.)


1.William MulcahyCorporalAFourth Artillery

—rifle ball; wounded by a sharpshooter; gunshot wound of the forehead and gouging of frontal bone.

VI. Weippe Prairie, July 17, 1877.
(Source: McWhorter, Hear Me, 338; and McWhorter, Yellow Wolf, 106.)


1. Nez Perce scout John Levi (Sheared Wolf)


1. Nez Perce scout Abraham Brooks—wounded in shoulder. Died later.
2. Nez Perce scout James Reuben

VII. Big Hole, August 9-10, 1877.
(Source: Aubrey Haines, An Elusive Victory, 155-62.)


1.James H. BradleyFirst lieut.BSeventh Infantry
2.William L. EnglishFirst lieut.ISeventh Infantry
3.William LoganCaptainASeventh Infantry
4.Herman BroetzPrivateISeventh Infantry
5.Mathew ButterlyPrivateE*Seventh Infantry
6.McKindra L. DrakePrivateHSeventh Infantry
7.Robert L. EdgeworthFirst sergeantGSeventh Infantry
8.Jacob EisenhutCorporalDSeventh Infantry
9.Michael GallagherMusicianDSeventh Infantry
10.Michael HoganSergeantISeventh Infantry
11.John KleisArtificerKSeventh Infantry
12.Gottlieb MantzPrivateGSeventh Infantry
13.William H. MartinSergeantGSeventh Infantry
14.Daniel McCaffereyCorporalISeventh Infantry
15.James McGuirePrivateFSeventh Infantry
16.F. John O'BrienPrivateGSeventh Infantry
17.Dominick O'ConnorCorporalGSeventh Infantry
18.Edward PageSergeantLSecond Cavalry
19.William H. PayneCorporalDSeventh Infantry
20.William D. PomeroyPrivateFSeventh Infantry
21.Robert E. SaleCorporalGSeventh Infantry
22.John B. SmithPrivateASeventh Infantry
23.Thomas P. StinebakerMusicianKSeventh Infantry
24.Frederick StortzFirst sergeantKSeventh Infantry
25.William W. WatsonSergeantFSeventh Infantry


1.Charles A. CoolidgeFirst lieut.ASeventh Infantry
2.John GibbonColonelCOSeventh Infantry
3.Constant WilliamsCaptainFSeventh Infantry
4.Charles A. WoodruffFirst lieut.KSeventh Infantry
5.John AbbottCorporalDSeventh Infantry
6.Charles AlbertsPrivateASeventh Infantry
7.George BanghartPrivateGSeventh Infantry
8.James BellSergeantE*Seventh Infantry
9.Robert BensingerSergeantGSeventh Infantry
10.Lorenzo D. BrownPrivateASeventh Infantry
11.James BurkPrivateGSeventh Infantry
12.John BurnsCorporalE*Seventh Infantry
13.Washington ClarkPrivateISeventh Infantry
14.John J. ConnorPrivateGSeventh Infantry
15.Timothy CronanMusicianDSeventh Infantry
16.Richard N. CunliffeCorporalISeventh Infantry
17.Patrick C. DalySergeantDSeventh Infantry
18.Mathew DevinePrivateKSeventh Infantry
19.Joseph DevossPrivateISeventh Infantry
20.John EricksonMusicianFSeventh Infantry
21.Patrick FallonPrivateISeventh Infantry
22.John W. H. FrederickSergeantGSeventh Infantry
23.Charles B. GouldPrivateFSecond Cavalry
24.Davis HeatonPrivateKSeventh Infantry
25.Edward D. HunterPrivateFSeventh Infantry
26.Philo O. HurlburtPrivateKSeventh Infantry
27.James KeysPrivateDSeventh Infantry
28.James C. LehmerPrivateASeventh Infantry
29.George LeherPrivateASeventh Infantry
30.Christian LuttmanCorporalFSeventh Infantry
31.George MaurerPrivateFSeventh Infantry
32.Charles A. RobbeckePrivateGSeventh Infantry
33.William ThompsonPrivateISeventh Infantry
34.William WrightSergeantE*Seventh Infantry
*—Attached to Company D


1. John Armstrong
2. Henry S. Bostwick
3. Lynde C. Elliot
4. Alvin Lockwood
5. Campbell Mitchell
6. David Morrow


1. Jacob Baker
2. Otto Leifer
3. Myron Lockwood
4. William Ryan

VIII. Camas Meadows, August 20, 1877.
(Sources: "List of Wounded in Skirmish on Camas Meadow"; and Reg.imental Returns . . . Second Cavalry, August 1877, roll 719.)


1.Bernard A. BrooksTrumpeterBFirst Cavalry

—shot in heart.


1.Henry M. BensonFirst lieut.L (attached)Seventh Infantry

—ball; hips; severe flesh wound; simple dressing.
2.Henry WilkinsFirst sergeantLSecond Cavalry

—ball; head; slight wound; simple dressing.
3.Harry GarlandCorporalLSecond Cavalry

—ball; left iliac region; severe wound; fracture crest of ilium; simple dressing.
4.Samuel A. GlassFarrierLSecond Cavalry

—ball; peliose; severe wound; penetrating wound; simple dressing. Died of wounds August 24, 1877.
5.Wilfred ClarkPrivateLSecond Cavalry

—ball; left shoulder; slight wound; simple dressing.
6.Harry TrevorPrivateLSecond Cavalry

—ball; lung and left scapula; severe wound; penetrated cavity; simple dressing. Died of wounds October 4, 1877.
7.William H. JonesPrivateLSecond Cavalry

—ball; over right patella; slight wound; simple dressing.
8.James KingFarrierIFirst Cavalry

—ball; left forearm, upper third; severe wound; simple dressing.

IX. Canyon Creek, September 13, 1877.
(Source: "List of Wounded . . . Canon Creek." Corrected as per Regimental Returns . . . Seventh Cavalry, September, 1877, roll 72.)


1.Nathan T. BrownPrivateLSeventh Cavalry
2.Frank J. GosselinPrivateMSeventh Cavalry


1.Thomas H. FrenchCaptainMSeventh Cavalry

—hand; slight wound.
2.Edson F. ArcherBlacksmithLSeventh Cavalry

—conical ball; chest; penetrating; severe wound; opiates, simple dressing. Died of wounds September 14, 1877.
3.Edward DeverinSergeantFSeventh Cavalry

—conical ball; left arm; flesh wound; slight wound; simple dressing.
4.George A. CampfieldPrivateFSeventh Cavalry

—conical ball; left shoulder; flesh wound; severe wound; simple dressing.
5.James LawlorPrivateGSeventh Cavalry

—conical ball; skull; fracture of; severe wound; opiates, simple dressing. Died of wounds September 18, 1877.
6.William YoungPrivateGSeventh Cavalry

—conical ball; both hips; flesh; severe wound; simple dressing.
7.Edward B. CrombyPrivateISeventh Cavalry

—conical ball; left shoulder; flesh wound; severe wound; simple dressing.
8.Levi WeigelPrivateLSeventh Cavalry

—conical ball; right leg; fracture; splints; right shoulder; slight flesh wound; simple dressing.
9.Albert B. FowlerPrivateLSeventh Cavalry

—conical ball; left leg; flesh wound; slight wound; simple dressing.
10.Jacob P. WatsonPrivateMSeventh Cavalry

—conical ball; left ankle joint; severe wound; simple dressing.
11.Lewis M. AdkinsPrivateMSeventh Cavalry

—slight wound.
12.John RiversFarrierISeventh Cavalry

X. Cow Island, September 23, 1877.
(Sources: Fort Benton Benton Record, October 5, 1877; and Hardin, Diary, September 28, 1877.)


1.Byron MartinPrivateB Seventh Infantry


1. E. W. Buckwalter—hand and side.
2. George Trautman—right shoulder.

XI. Cow Creek Canyon, September 25, 1877.
(Source: Secretary of War, Report . . . 1877, 557.)


1. Citizen volunteer Edmund Bradley

XII. Bear's Paw, September 30-October 5, 1877.
(Sources: Surgeon Henry R. Tilton to Medical Director, Department of Dakota, October 3, 1877, entry 624, box 1, Office of the Adjutant General. Corrected as per Regimental Returns . . . Seventh Cavalry, September and October 1877, roll 72; Regimental Returns . . . Fifth Infantry, September and October 1877, roll 58; and Regimental Returns . . . Second Cavalry, September and October 1877, roll 719.)


1.Owen HaleCaptainKSeventh Cavalry9/30
2.J. Williams BiddleSecond lieut.KSeventh Cavalry9/30
3.Otto WildeFirst sergeantKSeventh Cavalry9/30
4.Max MielkeSergeantKSeventh Cavalry9/30
5.Henry W. RaichelSergeantKSeventh Cavalry9/30
6.William WhitlowPrivateKSeventh Cavalry9/30
7.Francis RothPrivateKSeventh Cavalry9/30
8.Charles F. HardickPrivateKSeventh Cavalry9/30
9.Frank KnauppPrivateKSeventh Cavalry9/30
10.George W. McDermottFirst sergeantASeventh Cavalry9/30
11.John E. ClevelandPrivateASeventh Cavalry9/30
12.Lewis KellyPrivateASeventh Cavalry9/30
13.Samuel McIntyrePrivateASeventh Cavalry9/30
14.Michael MartinFirst sergeantDSeventh Cavalry9/30
15.James H. AlbertsSergeantDSeventh Cavalry9/30
16.William I. RandallPrivateDSeventh Cavalry9/30
17.David E. DawseyPrivateDSeventh Cavalry9/30
18.John HaddoCorporalBFifth Infantry9/30
19.Thomas GeogehganPrivateCFifth Infantry9/30
20.Richard M. PeshallPrivateGFifth Infantry9/30
21.John IrvingPrivateGSecond Cavalry10/1


1.Myles MoylanCaptainASeventh Cavalry9/30

—gunshot wound; right thigh (flesh); severe wound.
2.Edward S. GodfreyCaptainDSeventh Cavalry9/30

—gunshot wound; left lumbar region; flesh wound; slight wound.
3.Henry RomeynFirst lieut.AFifth Infantry9/30

—gunshot wound; right chest (penetrating); severe wound.
4.George W. BairdFirst lieut.AAAGFifth Infantry9/30

—gunshot fracture; left forearm and left ear; slight wound; severe wound.
5.Daniel S. WrightPrivateASeventh Cavalry9/30

—gunshot wound; right thigh; severe wound.
6.Thomas D. GodmanSergeantASeventh Cavalry9/30

—gunshot wound; left hand and left shoulder; slight wound.
7.Thomas DenningPrivateASeventh Cavalry9/30

—gunshot wound; right popliteal region; slight wound.
8.Charles MillerPrivateASeventh Cavalry9/30

—gunshot wound; neck and right shoulder; severe wound.
9.Otto DurselenSergeantASeventh Cavalry9/30

—gunshot wound; right hip and bladder. Died of wounds.
10.Michael GilbertPrivateASeventh Cavalry9/30

—gunshot wound; right shoulder; severe wound.
11.George W. SavagePrivateASeventh Cavalry9/30

—gunshot wound; both thighs (flesh); severe wound.
12.Howard H. WeaverPrivateASeventh Cavalry9/30

—gunshot wound; right arm; slight wound.
13.James E. ChristopherTrumpeterASeventh Cavalry9/30

—gunshot wound; left knee; severe wound.
14.James ClarkPrivateDSeventh Cavalry9/30

—gunshot wound; right shoulder; severe wound.
15.Frederick W. DeetlinePrivateDSeventh Cavalry9/30

—gunshot wound; right shoulder and left elbow; severe wound.
16.John CurranPrivateDSeventh Cavalry9/30

—gunshot wound; left hand; index finger amputated.
17.Charles H. WelchSergeantDSeventh Cavalry9/30

—gunshot fracture; right thigh and left thigh; severe wound; flesh wound.
18.Uriah S. LewisPrivateDSeventh Cavalry9/30

—gunshot wound; right calf; slight wound.
19.John M. JonesPrivateDSeventh Cavalry9/30

—gunshot wound; left shoulder and left arm; slight wound. Carried on some reports as James H. Johnson.
20.Thomas HerwoodTrumpeterDSeventh Cavalry9/30

—gunshot wound; left side chest; penetrating wound.
21.John QuinnCorporalDSeventh Cavalry9/30

—gunshot wound; left shoulder; severe wound.
22.David E. BakerPrivateDSeventh Cavalry9/30

—gunshot wound; right thigh; severe wound.
23.Michael DelanyCorporalKSeventh Cavalry9/30

—gunshot wound; right chest; penetrating wound; dangerous.
24.Peter AllenPrivateKSeventh Cavalry9/30

—gunshot fracture; left radius; arm amputated.
25.William H. McGeePrivateKSeventh Cavalry9/30

—gunshot wound; right leg.
26.John SchwererPrivateKSeventh Cavalry9/30

—gunshot wound; left leg.
27.John MeyersSaddlerKSeventh Cavalry9/30

—gunshot wound; left hand.
28.George A. SorrellPrivateKSeventh Cavalry9/30

—gunshot wound; right wrist and left hand.
29.John ShawerPrivateKSeventh Cavalry9/30

—gunshot wound; left heel; slight wound.
30.John NolanSergeantKSeventh Cavalry9/30

—gunshot wound; left lumbar region (hip).
31.Emil TaubePrivateKSeventh Cavalry9/30

—gunshot wound; scalp; slight wound.
32.Michael MurphyPrivateKSeventh Cavalry9/30

—gunshot wound; chest and abdomen; dangerous wound.
33.John FoleyPrivateKSeventh Cavalry9/30
34.Charles L. SmithPrivateKSeventh Cavalry9/30

—gunshot wound; left thigh; severe wound.
35.George A. DowellPrivateKSeventh CavalryUnk

—right wrist and left hand; slight wound.
36.Daniel LyonsBlacksmithKSeventh Cavalry9/30
37.Jean B. D. GallennePrivate (Hosp. Stwd)MSeventh Cavalry9/30

—gunshot fracture; left ankle.
38.James FarrellPrivateFSecond Cavalry9/30

—gunshot wound, right elbow.
39.Patrick MartinPrivateFSecond Cavalry9/30
40.Lewis GenslerPrivateIFifth Infantry9/30

—gunshot wound; fractured left forearm; arm amputated.
41.Joseph A. CableSergeantIFifth Infantry9/30

—gunshot fracture; left femur; flesh wound; right thigh; severe wound. Died of wounds October 15, 1877.
42.Patrick McCannaPrivateIFifth Infantry9/30

—gunshot wound; right hip; slight wound.
43.John AndrewsPrivateIFifth Infantry9/30

—gunshot wound; left side face.
44.Nicholas B. WardPrivateIFifth Infantry9/30

—gunshot wound; both thighs (flesh); severe wound.
45.Joseph KohlerPrivateIFifth Infantry9/30

—gunshot wound; abdomen. Died of wounds October 1, 1877.
46.George KragerSergeantGFifth Infantry9/30

—gunshot wound; left side face and right hand; severe wound.
47.Daniel HorganPrivateGFifth Infantry9/30

—gunshot wound; right leg; slight wound.
48.John FerronsPrivateDFifth Infantry9/30

—gunshot wound; left leg; slight wound.
49.Fleming S. GriffithPrivateGFifth Infantry9/30
50.Jesse O'NeillMusicianGFifth Infantry9/30

—gunshot fracture; left thigh.


1.Hump, Minneconjou Lakota

—right shoulder; slight.
2.White Wolf, Northern Cheyenne

—skull fractured.


Nez Perce, Summer 1877
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