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This historic resource study/special history study has been prepared to satisfy in part the research needs as stated in the task directive (approved by Patricia L. Newbacher for Stanley T. Albright, Regional Director, Western Region, in a memorandum dated August 1, 1994) concerning Manzanar National Historic Site, Historic Resource Study/Special History Study, under Package DEVA No. 003. The purpose of this study is the collection, presentation, and evaluation of historical research pertaining to the historic events that have occurred within the boundaries of the National Historic Site and its surrounding area. It is intended that the study will provide a data base for the National Historic Site's historic resources that will enable park administrators to formulate appropriate management policies to preserve, protect, and interpret those resources.

A number of persons have assisted in the preparation of this report. My special thanks extend to National Historic Site Superintendent Ross Hopkins and to Thomas D. Mulhern, Chief, Park Historic Preservation, and Gordon S. Chappell, Senior Historian, Pacific/Great Basin System Support Office for making historical materials available for research purposes, providing guidance on the nature of research and the scope of work required for the project, and making suggestions for repositories to consult during my research.

My thanks also go to Lisa Mighetto, Project Historian, and Ann Hubber of Historical Research Associates, Inc., Seattle, Washington, for conducting research in various repositories in the Los Angeles and San Francisco-Sacramento areas under Indefinite Quantities Contract No. 1443CX200092021, Task Order No. 63, let through Jones & Jones, Architects and Landscape Architects, of Seattle, Washington. Under the terms of this contract, subcontracts were let to Arthur A. Hansen, Professor of History and Director, Oral History Program, California State University, Fullerton, to prepare An Annotated Bibliography for Manzanar National Historic Site and to William H. Michael, Director, Eastern California Museum, independence, California, to conduct research in repositories in the Owens Valley.

My thanks also go to Dr. Roger Daniels, Charles Phelps Taft Professor of History, University of Cincinnati, and Dr. Arthur A. Hansen for reviewing the draft manuscript of the study.

In addition my thanks go to the staffs of the various repositories with whom I personally consulted during research for this study, These staffs included those at the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington. D. C., College Park and Suitland, Maryland, and San Bruno and Laguna Niguel, California; the Library of Congress; the Department of Special Collections, University Research Library, University of California, Los Angeles; and the Manuscripts Division, Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley. Archie Miyatake, owner of the Toyo Miyatake Studio in San Gabriel, California, was most helpful in making available for research the extensive Toyo Miyatake Photograph Collection, consisting of more than 1,000 photographs of Manzanar.

My thanks also go to my supervisors at the Denver Service Center for providing encouragement and administrative oversight for the project. At the commencement of the project, these included David R. Laux, Chief, Branch of Planning, Western Team, and Sarah E. Bransom, Section Chief, Resource Planning. During the latter phases of the project, my supervisors were Pat O'Brien, Quality Leader, and Cynthia Young, Chief, Resource Planning. Finally, my thanks go to Mary Ryan for doing a superb job in preparing the draft manuscript for publication.

Harlan D. Unrau
June 1, 1996

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