Martin Luther King, Jr.
Historic Resource Study
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Front cover: Clockwise from upper left, Martin Luther King, Jr., Birth Home, Atlanta Fire Station Number 6, Ebenezer Baptist Church, double shotgun houses on Auburn Avenue.


List of Maps

List of Photographs


Chapter 1:
The Development of a Black Community and Leader: Atlanta's Auburn Avenue Neighborhood and Martin Luther King, Jr., 1906-1948

Chapter 2:
Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Leadership of the American Civil Rights Movement, 1955-1968

Chapter 3:
Architectural Resources of the Martin Luther King, Jr., National Historic Site, ca. 1880-1950

Chapter 4:
Expansion of the Martin Luther King, Jr., National Historic Site Boundary

Chapter 5:
Management Recommendations


Appendix A:
Historical Base Map

Appendix B:
Building Descriptions

Appendix C:
National Register Form

Map 1. Location of Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site
Map 2. Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site and Preservation District

Photograph 1. Auburn Avenue with downtown Atlanta in background
Photograph 2. Two-story residences on Auburn Avenue with shotgun houses behind
Photograph 3. Two-room double shotgun houses on alley leading from Auburn Avenue
Photograph 4. King family, 1939 or 1940 (omitted from the online edition)
Photograph 5. Martin Luther King, Jr., Birth Home, 501 Auburn Avenue
Photograph 6. Program, Ebenezer Baptist Church, June 13, 1965
Photograph 7. Martin Luther King, Jr., Tomb
Photograph 8. North side of Auburn Avenue between Hogue and Howell Streets
Photograph 9. Edgewood Avenue
Photograph 10. Brick sidewalk, north side of Auburn Avenue east of Howell Street
Photograph 11. 521 Auburn Avenue and sidewalk store building
Photograph 12. 522 Auburn Avenue
Photograph 13. Iron fence at 530 Auburn Avenue
Photograph 14. 540 Auburn Avenue
Photograph 15. 53 Hogue Street
Photograph 16. Double shotgun houses at 472-474 and 476-478 Auburn Avenue
Photograph 17. 54 Howell Street
Photograph 18. 467 Edgewood Avenue, former Brown Hayes store
Photograph 19. 443-445 Edgewood Avenue
Photograph 20. 439-441 Edgewood Avenue
Photograph 21. 537 Edgewood Avenue
Photograph 22. 476-478 Edgewood Avenue
Photograph 23. Atlanta Fire Station Number Six, 37-39 Boulevard
Photograph 24. Ebenezer Baptist Church, 407-413 Auburn Avenue

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