Isolated Paradise:
An Administrative History of the Katmai and Aniakchak National Park Units
NPS Logo

AAO - Alaska Area Office
ABF - Budget and Finance Division (of NPS)
ACC - Alaska Commercial Company
ACV - Alaska Consolidated Vacations (part of NCA)
ADB - Alaska Development Board
ADF&G - Alaska Department of Fish and Game
AEC - Area of Ecological Concern
AEIDC - Alaska Environmental Information and Data Center
AFO - Alaska Field Office
AGC - Alaska Game Commission
AHL - Alaska Historical Library
AKSO - Alaska System Support Office (of NPS)
ALSC - Alaska Legal Services Corporation
AMRAP - Alaska Mineral Resource Assessment Program
AMHA - Anchorage Museum of History and Art
ANC - Anchorage, Alaska
ANCSA - Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act
ANHA - Alaska Natural History Association
ANIA - Aniakchak National Monument and Preserve
ANILCA - Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act
APA - Alaska Power Administration; Alaska Packers Association
APG - Alaska Planning Group
APHA - Alaska Professional Hunters Association
ARC - Alaska Road Commission
ARD - Associate Regional Director
ARO - Alaska Regional Office (NPS)
ARS - Alaska Recreation Survey
ASA - Alaska State Archives
ATF - Alaska Task Force
AVO - Alaska Volcano Observatory
BBNA - Bristol Bay Native Association
BBNC - Bristol Bay Native Corporation
BCF - Bureau of Commercial Fisheries
BIA - Bureau of Indian Affairs
BLM - Bureau of Land Management
BOR - Bureau of Outdoor Recreation
BP - before present
CCC - Civilian Conservation Corps
CDCC - Cape Douglas Canning Corporation
CEQ - Council on Environmental Quality
CERCLA - Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act
CPSU - Cooperative Park Studies Unit
CRPA - Columbia River Packers Association
CUL - Commercial Use License
DCP - Development Concept Plan
DEIS - Draft Environmental Impact Statement
DENA - Denali National Park and Preserve
DES - Draft Environmental Statement
DNR - (Alaska) Department of Natural Resources
DOSECC - Deep Observation and Sampling of the Earth's Continental Crust
DSC - Denver Service Center
EC - Concessions Team; prior to 1995, Environmental Compliance
EEI - Education and Interpretation Team (NPS)
EL - Lands Team (NPS)
EPD - Planning, Design, and Maintenance Team (NPS)
EIS - Environmental Impact Statement
F&WS - Fish and Wildlife Service
FAA - Federal Aviation Agency (1962)
FES - Final Environmental Statement
FOSC - Federal On-Scene Coordinator
FRC - Federal Records Center
FWQA - Federal Water Quality Administration
FY - fiscal year
GLBA - Glacier Bay National Monument
GLO - General Land Office
GMP - General Management Plan
GPO - Government Printing Office
HB - House Bill (Alaska Legislature)
HCRS - Heritage Conservation and Recreation Service
HFC - Harpers Ferry Center (NPS)
HJR - House Joint Resolution
H.R. - (U.S.) House of Representatives (bill number)
HSAR - Historic Structure Assessment Report
IBLA - Interior Board of Land Appeals
ICG - Interagency Coordinating Group
ICT - Incident Command Team
ILI - Iliamna (USGS map acronym)
JFSLUPC - Joint Federal-State Land Use Planning Commission
JSC - Johnson Space Center
KATM - Katmai National Monument, or Katmai National Park and Preserve
KNM - Katmai National Monument
M&P - Management and Protection
MOA - Memorandum of Agreement
MOMC - Mount McKinley National Park
MSC - Manned Spacecraft Center
NARA - National Archives and Records Administration
NAS - National Academy of Sciences
NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NCA - Northern Consolidated Airlines
NGS - National Geographic Society
NHL - National Historic Landmark
NMFS - National Marine Fisheries Service
NNL - National Natural Landmark
NPS - National Park Service
NR - Natural Resources
NRA - National Recreation Area
NRDA - Natural Resource Damage Assessment
NRFR - Natural Resources Final Report
NRHP - National Register of Historic Places
NRPR - Natural Resources Progress Report
NRSIR - Natural Resource Survey and Inventory Report
NRTR - Natural Resources Technical Report
NSF - National Science Foundation
NWRO - Northwest Regional Office
OAS - Office of Aircraft Services (USDI)
ONR - Office of Naval Research
PCP - Project Construction Program
PNRO - Pacific Northwest Regional Office
R4 - Region Four (NPS office in San Francisco)
RCP - Coastal Programs Division (NPS)
RCR - Cultural Resources Division/Team (NPS)
RD - Regional Director
REDW - Redwood National Park
REQ - Environmental Quality Division (NPS)
RG - Record Group
RMM - Minerals Management Division/Team (NPS)
RMP - Resource Management Plan
RMS - Resource Management Specialist
RNR - Natural Resources Division/Team (NPS)
RPO - Resource Protection Officer
RS - Subsistence Division (NPS)
RuralCAP - Rural Alaska Community Action Project
SAR - Superintendent's Annual Report
SB - San Bruno, California
SEKI - Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks
S.J. - Society of Jesuits
SMR - Superintendent's Monthly Report
SSC - San Francisco Service Center (NPS)
SUNY - State University of New York
TAG - Technical Advisory Group
TIC - Technical Information Center (NPS, Denver)
UAA - University of Alaska-Anchorage
UAF - University of Alaska-Fairbanks
USAF - U.S. Air Force
USBF - U.S. Bureau of Fisheries
USC&GS - U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey
USGS - U.S. Geological Survey
USDI - U.S. Department of the Interior
UWSC - University of Washington Special Collections
VISTA - Volunteers in Service to America
WAA - Wien Air Alaska
WASO - Washington (DC) Service Office (NPS)
WCA - Wien Consolidated Airlines
WIMP - Winter Interagency Monitoring Program
WODC - Western Office of Design and Construction
WRO - Western Regional Office
WSC - Western Service Center

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Last Updated: 24-Sep-2000