A Study of Virginia Indians and Jamestown: The First Century
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An Annotated Bibliography of Juvenile Literature on Virginia India

Adams, Patricia
1996 The Story of Pocahontas, Indian Princess. Famous Lives [series]. Gareth Stevens: Milwaukee.

Illustrated by Tony Capparelli. Includes index, 101 pp.; illus. Original edition: New York, Dell, 1987.

Andrews, Mary (Evans)
1970 When Jamestown Was a Colonial Capital. A How They Lived Book. Garrard Publishing Co: Champaign, Ill.

Reveals, through focus on the daily routines and issues of the day, what life was like in colonial Jamestown. Illustrated by Russell Hoover, 96 pp.; illus.

Barksdale, Lena
1945 That Country Called Virginia. New York: Knopf: New York.

A history of Virginia for young people, illustrated by Harry Roth. "Good Books about Virginians": 227-28. Colonial period chronology: 229-43. Includes index, Vi, 250 pp.; illus.

Benjamin, Anne
1992 Young Pocahontas, Indian Princess. A Troll First-Start Biography. Troll Associates: Mahwah, NJ.

A "simple biography." Illustrated by Christine Powers. Also produced on sound cassette 32 pp.; col. illus.

Campbell, Elizabeth A.
1974 Jamestown: The Beginning. [1st] ed. Boston: Little, Brown, [1974].

X, 86 pp.;illus. Describes the founding of Jamestown. Illustrated by William Sauts Bock.

Caselli, Giovanni.
1989 A Virginian Indian. 1st American ed. The Everyday Life of...[series]. P. Bedrick Books: New York.

Relates the incident in the life of Matoax, also known as Pocahontas, in which she saves John Smith from death. Illustrated by Gerald Wood. British edition: London, Macdonald, 1987.

Cavanah, Frances
1957 Pocahontas, a Little Indian Girl of Jamestown. Chicago: Rand McNally: Chicago.

Illustrated by Manning de V. Lee.

Chesterfield County (Va.) Public Schools.
1977 Life in Jamestown and Chesterfield County, Virginia. Chesterfield, Va.

75 leaves; illus., maps, bibliography: 66.

Collier, Christopher, and James Lincoln Collier
1998 The Paradox of Jamestown, 1585-1700. The Drama of American History [series]. Benchmark Books: New York

Discusses the circumstances surrounding English colonization of Virginia and the evolution of slavery in that colony.

Cooke, John Esten
1879 Stories of the Old Dominion, from the Settlement to the End of the Revolution. New York: Harper & Brothers: New York.

A collection of histories for children; 337 pp.; front.illus., plates, portraits.

Davis, Burke
1971 Getting to Know Jamestown. Coward, McCann & Geoghegan: New York. [1971].

Illustrated by Tran Mawicke, 72 pp.; illus. (part col.)

Fishwick, Marshall William.
1965 Jamestown: First English Colony. 1st ed. American Heritage Junior Library. American Heritage Publishing Co: New York.

151 pp.; illus., portraits (part col.)

Fox, Joseph L.
1985 Captain John Smith, Hero and Conqueror. 1st ed. Great Neck, N.Y.: Todd & Honeywel: Great Neck, New York.

Bibliography: 144-46. Includes index, 150 pp.; illus., map, portraits.

Fritz, Jean
1983 The Double Life of Pocahontas. Putnam: New York

A biography of the Indian princess, emphasizing her life-long adulation of John Smith and the roles she played in two very different cultures. Illustrations by Ed Young. Bibliography: 92-94. Includes index, 96 pp.; illus. Various reprints, including New York: Trumpet Club, 1991. Also produced on sound cassette.

Frome, Michael
1966 Virginia. States of the Nation [series]. Coward-McCann: New York.

Visits such Virginia landmarks as Jamestown, Williamsburg, Richmond, Mount Vernon, and Civil War sites, 127 pp.; illus., maps.

Gerson, Noel Bertram
1967 Survival: Jamestown, First English Colony in America. Milestones in History. New York: Messner: New York.

Maps and drawings by Barry Martin. Bibliography: 187, 192 pp.; illus., map.

Gleiter, Jan, and Kathleen Thompson
1985 Pocahontas. Raintree Children's Books: Milwaukee.

A biography of the Powhatan Indian woman who befriended the English settlers at Jamestown and helped maintain peace between her tribe and the colonists.

Illustrated by Deborah L. Chabrian, 32 pp.; col. illus. Various reprints, including Austin, Tex.: Raintree Steck-Vaughn Publishers, 1991 and 1995. Also produced on sound cassette.

Gourse, Leslie
1996 Pocahontas. Childhood of Famous Americans [series]. Aladdin: New York.

Examines the life of Pocahontas and her contact with English settlers, especially John Smith.

Graves, Charles Parlin
1965 A World Explorer: John Smith. World Explorer Books. Garrard Publishing Co: Champaign, Ill.

A biography of the seaman and explorer who helped settle Jamestown and who charted and sailed the New England coastline for England. Illustrated by Al Fiorentino, 96 pp.; col. illus. Reprint: Junior World Explorers [series], New York, Chelsea House Publishers, 1991.

Greene, Carol
1988 Pocahontas: Daughter of a Chief. A Rookie Biography. Children's Press: Chicago.

A brief biography of the Indian princess who saved John Smith from death at the hands of her father, and later was very helpful to the colonists at Jamestown. Includes index, 45 pp.; col. illus.

Hanes, Mari Dunagan
1995 Pocahontas, True Princess. Questar Publishers: Sisters; Or.

The story of the Indian woman who captivated the heart of John Smith and was converted to Christianity. Illustrated by David Danz, 150 pp.,illus.

Hanff, Helene, and Eddie Chan
1965 Early Settlers in America: Jamestown, Plymouth, and Salem. Schooled. A Who, When, Where Book. C. E. Merrill: Columbus 61 pp.; illus.

Text by Helene Hanff; pictures by Eddie Chan.

Holmes, Mary Z.
1992 Two Chimneys. History's Children [series]. Raintree Steck-Vaughn Publishers: Austin, TX.

Fiction. Illustrated by Geri Strigenz, 48 pp.; col. illus. Having lived in Virginia for six years since 1622, Katherine does not want to leave her family's tobacco plantation after learning of her betrothal to an English heir.

Hunt, Priscilla.
1947 A Children's Color Book of Jamestown in Virginia. Dietz: Richmond.

On cover: The story of old Jamestown in words and pictures. Illustrated by F. Richard Vranian. [44] pp.; illus.

1994 "Jamestown." Cobblestone, the History Magazine for Young People 15, no. 4 (April 1994).

Describes the founding of Jamestown and the struggle of the colonists to survive. The effects the English had on the native peoples and the roots of slavery in the New World are discussed. Bibliography: 44-45, illus., map. 48 pp. (special issue)

1992 Jamestown Children's Activity Book. Gettysburg, Pa.: Thomas Publications.

A cooperative effort of Jamestown Settlement and Colonial National Historical Park, with original artwork by Shawn Heiges. Includes bibliographical references, 40 pp. illus.

Jamestown Foundation (Va.)
1963 Teacher's Guide to Jamestown. Williamsburg.

5 items in a kit, including maps.

Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation, Education Department
Living with the Indians: Education Program, Jamestown Settlement. Williamsburg: The Foundation, [199-].

Bibliography: [6]. [31] leaves; illus.

Jassem, Kate
1979 Pocahontas, Girl of Jamestown. Troll Associates: Mahwah, N.J.

A brief account of the life of the Indian princess who befriended Captain John Smith and the English settlers of Jamestown. Illustrated by Allan Eitzen, 47 pp.; illus. Also produced on a sound cassette narrated by Peter Thomas, with a teacher's guide.

Johnston, Johanna
1972 The Indians and the Strangers. Dodd, Mead: New York.

Biographies include "Powhatan and the Settlers at Jamestown." 109 pp.; illus.

Kay, Alan N.
1992 Jamestown Journey. Thomas Publications: Gettysburg, Pa.

Bibliography: 53-54, 56 pp.; illus.

Knight, James E.
1982 Jamestown, New World Adventure. Adventures in Colonial America. Troll Associates: Mahwah, N.J.

Two English children are told the story of their grandfather's experiences as one of the original Jamestown colonists of 1607. Illustrated by David Wenzel, 32 pp. illus. Also produced on sound cassette.

Latham, Jean Lee
1957 This Dear-Bought Land. [1st] ed. Harper: New York.

In 1607 a fifteen-year-old boy joins the expeditionary force that hopes to establish a permanent English colony in Virginia. [Fiction.] Pictures by Jacob Landau, 246 pp.; illus.

Logan, John.
1962 Tom Savage: A Story of Colonial Virginia. Encyclopaedia Britannica True-to-Life Books. Britannica Books: Chicago.

Text adapted by John Logan. Illustrated by Dan Siculan, Unpaged; illus.

Nee, Kay Bonner.
1977 Powhatan: The Story of an American Indian. Dillon Press: Minneapolis.

A biography of the Algonquian chief who assured the survival of the Jamestown colonists and is remembered as the builder of the Powhatan Confederacy of Indian tribes. 60 pp.; illus.

Norfolk County (Va.) Public Schools.
1907 Jamestown Exposition.

Bound volumes contain original samples of student assignments from Norfolk County Schools. (Norfolk County later became part of the city of Chesapeake.) Contents: Grades 1 and 2; Grades 5 and 6; Grades 10 and 11; Stenography [and] Typewriting. 4 vols., illus.

O'Dell, Scott
1987 The Serpent Never Sleeps: A Novel of Jamestown and Pocahontas. Houghton Mifflin: Boston.

In the early seventeenth century, Serena Lynn, determined to be with the man she has loved since childhood, travels to the New World and comes to know Pocahontas and the hardships of colonial life. Illustrated by Ted Lewin, 227 pp.; map.

Also, Fawcett-Juniper ed., New York, Ballantine Books, 1989. German translation: Serena und der Schlangenring, translated by Anja Asmus; Cham, Switzerland: Mčller Rčschlikon Verlags, 1992.

Old Dominion Pilgrimage Committee
1903 School Boys' Pilgrimage to Jamestown Island and Historical Cities on the James River, April 9th to April 14th, 1903. [New York]. [12] pp.

Otis, James [pseud.]
1910 Richard of Jamestown: A Story of the Virginia Colony. American Book Company: New York. 165 pp.; illus.

Parker, Lois M.
1984 Miracle at James Towne. Review and Herald Pub. Association: Hagerstown, Md.

A history of the early years of Jamestown, with narrative of the lives of its inhabitants. 96 pp.

Pearson, Jim, and Bryna Watkins
1991 Early Jamestown: A Unit of Study for Grades 5-8. UCLA, National Center for History in the Schools: UCLA.

Includes bibliographical references. 56 pp.; illus.

Prolman, MarilynG1969 The Story of Jamestown. Cornerstones of Freedom. Children's Press: Chicago.

A brief account of the history of Jamestown. Illustrated by Chuck Mitchell, 31 pp.; illus. (part col.)

Raphael, Elaine, and Don Bolognese
1993 Pocahontas, Princess of the River Tribes. Drawing America [series]. New York: Scholastic: New York.

Robinson, Gertrude
1957 Mooring Tree: A Story of Jamestown. Oxford Books for Boys and Girls. Oxford University Press: New York.

Fiction. 168 pp.

Rountree, Helen C.
1995 The Young Pocahontas in the Indian World. J & R Graphics: Yorktown, VA.

Biography and social customs of Pocahontas as a young woman.

Ruemmler, John
1992 Smoke on the Water: A Novel of Jamestown and the Powhatans normal'>. Shoe Tree Press: White Hall, Va.

Near Jamestown in 1622, a young English boy and the son of a Powhatan Indian chief find themselves caught up in the growing animosity between their peoples. Bibliographical references: 173-75, 175 pp.

Sakurai, Gail
1997 The Jamestown Colony. Cornerstones of Freedom. New York: Children's Press: New York.

Includes index, 30 pp.; col. illus.

Santrey, Laurence
1985 Pocahontas. Troll Associates: Mahwah, N.J.

A biography of the seventeenth-century Indian princess whose friendship toward the English settlers at Jamestown was a key factor in making the colony a success. Illustrated by David Wenzel. Also produced on a sound cassette with a teacher's guide.

Scrofani, E. Robert, and Robert Tideman
1990 Jamestown and Disneyland: Two Places in Time. ERIC Document Reproduction Service.

A geography and economics unit for high school students that uses two dissimilar places to examine the question of where humans choose to locate and why. (80 pp)

Seymour,Flora Warren
1946 Pocahontas: Brave Girl. The Bobbs-Merrill Company: New York.

The author was the first woman member of the Board of English Commissioners and is a good storyteller. She tells the story of Pocahontas' childhood and friendship with Captain John Smith with simple directness. The book, written is 1946, depicts Pocahontas as saving Captain John Smith's life and adopting him. Chief Powhatan, Pocahontas' father, is characterized as a cruel man who didn't like the English men with pale faces. Illustrated by Charles V. John, 192 pp.

Shaughnessy, Diane
1997 Pocahontas, Powhatan Princess. Famous Native Americans [series]. Power Kids Press: New York.

Includes index.

Smith, C. Carter
1991 The Jamestown Colony. Turning Points in American History. Silver Burdett Press: Englewood Cliffs, N.J.

Describes the founding of Jamestown and the struggle of the colonists to survive in the New World. Bibliographical references: 64. Includes index, 64 pp.; illus. (some col.), maps

Stewart, Pat Ronson
1995 Pocahontas. Dover Little Activity Books. Dover Publications: New York.

Tells the story of the Powhatan Indian woman whose influence contributed to the success of the Jamestown settlement.

Syme, Ronald
John Smith of Virginia. Morrow: New York. Illustrated by William Stobbs, 192 pp.; illus.

Thane, Elswyth
1969 The Virginia Colony. A Forge of Freedom Book. Crowell-Collier Press: New York.

Traces the history of colonial Virginia from the first settlement at Jamestown to the War for Independence in 1776. Bibliography: [124]-125, 136 pp.; illus., facsims., maps., portraits.

U.S. National Park Service
1980 Jamestown, a Beginning. Colonial National Historical Park: Yorktown, Va.

Bibliography: 10, 10 pp.; illus.

19—? Jamestown, a Beginning: Teacher Resource Guide. Edited by Sandy Groves.

Bibliography: 101-3, 103 pp.

1985? Jamestown Archeology. Yorktown, Va.: The Service. Bibliography: 14. 14 pp.;

illus., map, forms.

1976 Virginia Indian Life. Washington: GPO, for Colonial National Historical Park

Bibliography: 9, 9 pp; illus.

Waring, Gilchrist

1948 Three Ships Come Sailing: A Child's Story of Our Country's Birthplace, Jamestown in Virginia. Dietz Press: Richmond

Pictures by Elmo Jones, 34 pp.; illus., maps.

Watson, Virginia, and Karla Dougherty
1995 The Legend of Pocahontas. Children's Classics: New York.

Illustrated by George Wharton Edwards, 208 pp.; illus. Originally titled The Princess Pocahontas.

Wellman, Manly Wade
1967 Jamestown Adventure. New York: Washburn: New York.

Fiction, 194 pp.

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