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Point Park, Lookout Mountain
Entrance to Point Park, Lookout Mountain, built to resemble Army Corps of Engineers insignia.

Guide to the Area (continued)

POINT PARK. Visitors to the Chattanooga Battlefields are urged to go first to Point Park. There, from the terrace of the Adolph S. Ochs Observatory and Museum, high above the winding Tennessee River, you will have a wide view of the battlefields. This point is acclaimed one of the finest overlooks in the South. Markers throughout the area identify important landmarks and troop positions. A National Park Service attendant is there to assist you. The observatory and museum bears the name of one of the park's major benefactors, the late Adolph S. Ochs, Publisher of the Chattanooga Times and the New York Times.

The New York Monument, Completed in 1907, is in the center of the area.

The Cravens House, where part of the "Battle Above the Clouds" was fought, can be seen from the museum terrace. Near the house, stand three large monuments—New York, Iowa, and Ohio—honoring troops who were in this battle.

From Lookout Point several foot trails provide interesting walks.

These reveal unusual rock formations and provide ever changing and beautiful vistas of the countryside below.

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