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Chattanooga from Point Park, Lookout Mountain
Chattanooga from Point Park, Lookout Mountain. The Cravens House and portion of "Battle above the Clouds" battlefield around it are in the foreground.

The War After Chattanooga

In the spring of 1864, the Union armies began to move into the heart of the Confederacy. Grant attached himself to the Army of the Potomac (General Meade) and began operations against Lee; Sherman moved against Gen. Joseph E. Johnston in Georgia.

The Army of the Potomac launched a campaign against Richmond. In the bitter battles of the Wilderness and Spotsylvania Court House, in May 1864, Grant reduced Lee's offensive power. After being repulsed at Cold Harbor, Grant moved against Petersburg and a 10-month siege finally forced Lee to evacuate the city. Lee moved westward to Appomattox Court House where on April 9, 1865, Grant forced him to surrender.

While Lee and Grant fought it out in Virginia, Sherman, using Chattanooga for his base of supplies, conducted a strenuous campaign against the Army of Tennessee, first under Johnston and then Hood, finally entering Atlanta on September 2. In November, Sherman began his famous "march to the sea," reaching Savannah in late December. From there he struck northward through the Carolinas and forced the surrender of Joseph E. Johnston's army on April 26. By June all isolated Confederate forces had laid down their arms.

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