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National Monument
Bedloe's Island, New York
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Dimensions of the Statue

Height from base to torch1511
Foundation of pedestal to torch3051
Heel to top of head1111
Length of hand165
Index finger80
Circumference at second joint36
Size of fingernail, 13 x 10 inches
Head from chin to cranium173
Head thickness from ear to ear100
Distance across the eye26
Length of nose40
Right arm, length420
Right arm, greatest thickness120
Thickness of waist350
Width of mouth30
Tablet, length237
Tablet, width137
Tablet, thickness20
Height of granite pedestal890
Height of foundation650
Weight of copper used in statue, 200,000 pounds (100 tons)
Weight of steel used in statue, 250,000 pounds (125 tons)
Total weight of statue, 450,000 pounds (225 tons)
Copper sheeting of statue is 3/32-inch thick

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