Saved Our National Parks
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MY FRIEND, Jerome DeSanto, first called my attention to the events described herein and assisted me in collecting some of the materials that appear in this book. Aubrey Haines, former Yellowstone Park Historian, guided my way through the Yellowstone Archives; Douglass Hubbard, former Chief Naturalist, Yosemite, contributed direction on the California Parks. Sara Jackson, National Archives, and Robert Athearn, University of Colorado, took an active, personal interest in my research and tendered the proper amount of encouragement. A few institutions and many individuals made my research possible and pleasant. To Suzanne Hampton, Lucile Fry, Howard Scamehorn, and Carl Ubbelohde I extend special thanks. The Yellowstone Library and Museum Association, the University of Colorado, and the University of Montana Research Council provided financial assistance. Mackey Brown, Missoula, Montana, and especially Miriam S. Farley, Indiana University Press, contributed many helpful suggestions.

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The Three Brothers, Yosemite Valley. National Park Service.


How the U.S. Cavalry Saved Our National Parks
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