Fishes of Glacier National Park Montana
Conservation Bulletin No. 22
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The native trout are caught during the entire open season extending from May 30 to October 15; however, the best catches are made during June, the first part of July, and during the cooler part of September. Fishing remains good during the entire season in some of the interior lakes and streams. Early and late season fishing yields superior catches of the other species. The comparatively warm weather occurring during the latter part of July and August tends to drive the fish to the bottoms of the deeper pools where additional skill is necessary to make successful catches.

Fly Fishing.—Royal coachman, brown and gray hackles, queen of waters, ginger quills, bees, and gnats are used with success in many waters of the park.

Trolling and Bait Casting.—Red and white dare-devils, plugs, and spinners are used with success. Bait casting from either shore or boat often yields desired results. Josephine, Swiftcurrent, Waterton, St. Mary, Kintla, and Bowman Lakes are outstanding for either trolling or bait casting.

Stocking.—The Glacier National Park Fish Hatchery near Creston Mont., is operated by the Fish and Wildlife Service which supplies fish to the park. Owing to the availability of this superb planting stock the maintenance of Glacier National Park's excellent fishing is assured.

Regulations.—All fishing must be done in conformity with park regulations. Current fishing regulations may be procured from rangers or park headquarters.

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Last Updated: 22-Feb-2008