The Geologic Story of Glacier National Park
Special Bulletin No. 3
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We know that the processes of erosion and weathering will continue, that alluvial fans and talus cones will grow larger, and gorges will be eroded deeper, and as a result the mountains will be cut down to lower elevations. But, as we have see, this event will require much time. If the present climate continues for a few more years our remaining glaciers will disappear, but there is nothing in geologic history which says they won't return again, possibly even to the size of their heyday in the Pleistocene. And if history repeats itself, and all past geologic history has been a repetition, then the mountains will eventually be worn down to an uneventful plain and the sea will invade the land again.

But certain breeds of man are the only despoilers of mountains that we need fear, so if the good citizens of our land keep the human invader and his dams and earth-moving equipment out of our national parks these grand mountains will endure for many thousands, yes, even millions of years.

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Last Updated: 11-Jul-2008