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I. Primary Sources

Manuscript Materials

Ewing Emison Papers, Emison, Emison & Doolittle, Vincennes, Indiana.

George Rogers Clark National Historical Park Papers, Vincennes, Indiana.

George Rogers Clark State Park Papers, Department of Conservation, Indianapolis, Indiana.

George Rogers Clark Sesquicentennial Commission Papers, National Archives, Record Group 148.

Governor Francis Townsend File, undated, Indiana State Library.

Public Documents

Acts of the Indiana General Assembly, 1927, Indianapolis, 1927. Congressional Record, 73d Congress, 1st Session.

Hearings Before the Joint Committee on the Library, Congress of the United States, 69th Congress, 3d Session, Washington, 1927. "H.R. 9599, 89th Congress, 1st Session."

President's December 5, 1927, Message to 1st Session, 70th Congress. "Public Law 89-517," approved July 23, 1966.

U.S. Dept. of Interior News Release, Feb. 4, 1966.

United States Statutes at Large, 73th Congress, March 1933-1934, Vol. 48, pt. 1, Washington, 1933.

United States Statutes at Large, 74th Congress, Vol. 49, Washington, 1934.

United States Statutes at Large, 75th Congress, 1st Session, Vol. 50, Washington, 1937.

United States Statutes at Large, 75th Congress, 2d Session, Vol. 52, Washington, 1938.


Judd, Henry, to Ernest Connally, March 9, 1970, files Office of Archeology & Historic Preservation.

Palmer, George to Ronald F. Lee, Sept. 1, 1965, files OAHP.

Spurgeon, John to Frank Harrison, Aug. 17, 1965, files OAHP.

Udall, Stewart to Wayne Aspinall, Jan. 27, 1966, files OAHP.

Utley, Robert to Chief, National Park Studies, Aug. 12, 1965, files OAHP.

Telephone Interviews

Starrett, Robert, with Edwin C. Bearss, Oct. 9, 1970.

Personal Interviews

Pope, Charles St. George with Edwin C. Bearss, Feb. 27, 1970.

II. Secondary Sources

Historical Journals

Indiana History Bulletin, Vol. 5 Nos. 3, 5, & 9, December 1927.


Indianapolis Star

Vincennes Commercial

Vincennes Sun

Vincennes Sun-Commercial

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