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Specifications For Replacement of Copper Flashings on Roof of Memorial

The contractor shall furnish all labor, materials, and equipment to completely install all sheet metal work necessary to replace the sheet metal work damaged and blown off the parapet of the entablature of the George Rogers Clark Memorial in accordance with drawings.

During construction, care will be taken to prevent damage to sheet-copper work in place by walking or placing heavy materials thereon. As soon as soldering is done, the work shall be cleaned. Towards completion, all damaged work shall be repaired, all stains and debris to be removed.

Work to include: (a) removal of all damaged copper flashing sheets and to reset all those which are loose but not torn or otherwise damaged.

(b) Fasten securely upturned portion of present roof with new nailing strips which are attached to vertical side of stone parapet.

(c) Clean the surface of the stone which is to be covered by copper flashing.

(d) Caulk all mortar-joints which will be under the copper with an approved flashing mastic compound. From files Indiana State Parks.

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Last Updated: 17-Sep-2001