An Unbroken Historical Record: Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve
Administrative History
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When I began this project I copied many of the files in the EBLA office for my own use. I added newspaper files and a variety of articles to this collection, as well as copies of files from various organizations, tape recordings and hand-written notes from telephone and personal interviews. These three or four boxes will remain in the EBLA offices.

The Ebey's Landing administrative history was not organized as a formal oral history project, and tape recordings are rather casual in nature (that is, sound quality varies; I permitted speakers to turn off the machine at will; and I allowed the machine to run during peripheral conversations.) Not all the taped interviewees chose to donate their tapes to this collection.

Time did not permit use of every archive or source available on central Whidbey Island. Researchers interested in further detail should check Western Washington State College, Bellingham, Washington, which houses Island County's planning documents and files. Archives of the town of Coupeville and the state of Washington may provide additional information.

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Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Seattle Times

Seattle Weekly

Whidbey News-Times

Manuscript Collections

Federal Records Center, Pacific Northwest Region, Seattle. National Park Service files. Record Group 79.

Friends of Ebey's files.

Northwest National Seashore Alliance files.

University of Washington, Manuscripts and University Archives Division, Seattle. Collections include:

Jimmie Jean Cook Scrapbook (accession number presently unassigned)
Isaac N. Ebey Family Papers (no accession number)
Henry M. Jackson Papers, Accession Number 3560-5
Lloyd Meeds Papers, Accession Number 2900
Warren G. Magnuson Papers, Accession Number 3181-5

Washington State Archives, Olympia. Governor's papers

Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission files 40-315, 57-315, 72-315-1310, and R&LRP Park file.

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