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D. The Valley Floor (continued)

7. Shoveltown

a) History

This townsite (?) is located immediately at the base of Tucki Mountain near Salt Springs. Absolutely no mention of this site was found in the historical literature. It is undoubtedly one of the many properties located at various spots on the California and Nevada salt flats during the borax boom of the 1870s and on into the early twentieth century. Much of this land was patented and required regular development work.

b) Present Status

The site was not visited by this writer, but according to pictures and information acquired from Peter Sanchez of the monument staff, only furrows of salt mud can be seen on the flats here. No structural remains exist. The site is located approximately 7-1/2 airline miles west of the Cow Creek residential area.

c) Evaluation and Recommendations

Due to a lack of data, no historical significance can be attached to this site.

[It might be mentioned here that a monument visitor donated to their files a polaroid photo taken of a well and camp site on the salt flats two miles west of the Cow Creek residential area in T28N, R1E, Sec. 32. This picture, taken December 1970, shows wood debris, tin cans, forge remains, and a huge pile of empty whiskey bottles. No information on this site has been found either.]

Shoveltown site
Illustration 277. Site of Shoveltown, 1969. Photo by Peter G. Sanchez, courtesy of DEVA NM.
salt mud
Illustration 278. Furrowed salt mud at Shoveltown, 1969. Photo by Peter G. Sanchez, courtesy of DEVA NM.

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