Chickamauga and Chattanooga
Administrative History
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National Park Service Senior History Personnel, Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park, 1933-Present, with Position Titles.

Herschel C. Landrau (Historical Technician), 1933-1935

George F. Emery (Assistant Historian), 1935-1938

Paul Younger (Junior Research Technician), 1938-1940

George F. Emery (Assistant Historical Technician), 1940-1942

Raymond H. Corry (Junior Historical Aide), 1942

Position vacant, 1942-1946

Ramond H. Corry (Junior Historical Aide), 1946-1947

Morton V. Malin (Park Historian), 1947-1949

John O. Littleton (Park Historian), 1950-1953

James R. Sullivan (Park Historian), 1953-1956

Lee Wallace (Park Historian), 1956-1957

Rock L. Comstock, Jr. (Park Historian), 1957-1958; (Park Supervisory Historian), 1958-1963

Hobart G. Cawood (Supervisory Park Historian), 1963-1967

Daniel R. Kuehn (Supervisory Park Historian), 1967-1969

Edward E. Tinney (Supervisory Park Historian), 1969-1975; (Chief of Interpretation and Resource Management), 1975-1981; (Chief of Interpretation and Visitor Services), 1981-

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