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1. Theodore Grivas, Military Governments in California, 1846-1850 (Glendale: Arthur H. Clark, 1963), pp. 55-58.

2. An earthwork existed on Presidio Hill prior to the Americans' arrival. Californians had constructed it during a time of internal unrest when San Diego anticipated an attack from Los Angeles. See Frazer, Forts of the West, pp. 31-32; Bancroft, California, 5:326-328; George Tays, "Fort Stockton," Registered Landmark No. 54, ed. by Vernon Aubrey Neasham, State of California, Department of Natural Resources, Division of Parks, Berkeley, 1937. A few traces of the earthwork remain. In 1940 a memorial to the Mormon Battalion was erected on the site. A Spanish cannon, "El Jupiter," manufactured in Manila in 1783 is mounted there.

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7. Post Returns, San Diego Barracks, April 1849-December 1860, Returns from U.S. Military Posts, 1800-1916, Roll 1096, Microcopy 617, National Archives, hereinafter cited as NA, Washington, D. C. Although Mission of San Diego and San Diego Barracks maintained separate post returns, they were microfilmed together.

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13. The common name "San Diego Barracks" did not come into use until January 1876.

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15. It was fitting that Company D became the first unit to occupy Fort Rosecrans. It was the last company to garrison the Mission of San Diego, in 1858. See George Ruhlen, "Fort Rosecrans, California," San Diego Historical Society Quarterly 5 (October 1959): 63.

16. Ibid.

17. In 1901 a new Corps of Artillery, in which coast artillery and field artillery were partially separated, was organized. The former regimental system was abolished and the 126 companies of coast artillery were identified by number. Emanuel Raymond Lewis, Seacoast Fortifications of the United States: An Introductory History (Washington: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1970), p. 95.

18. In 1909, the War Department gave Block 39 to the Treasury Department in exchange for Lots E and F in Block 44 and all of Block 156. The Army did not use these and they were later sold. Post Returns, San Diego Barracks, January 1876-September 1903, Rolls 1098-1100, Microcopy 617, NA; George Ruhlen, "San Diego Barracks," San Diego Historical Society Quarterly 1 (April 1955): 15.

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