Frontier in Transition: A History of Southwestern Colorado
BLM Cultural Resources Series (Colorado: No. 10)
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This study represents the tenth volume in a series of cultural resource studies. It was prepared as part of the Bureau of Land Management's Cultural Resource Management Program and is the second complete history of a BLM district in Colorado.

A major objective of the Bureau of Land Management, Department of the Interior, is the identification, evaluation and protection of the nation's historic heritage and values, particularly those under the management of the Bureau.

The history of Southwestern Colorado is designed to provide a baseline narrative for Cultural Resource Management. Paul M. O'Rourke has written a new history of the southwest corner of Colorado and in doing so, has provided a timely and original view of Colorado's heritage and history. This study will become part of the over-all history of Colorado as prepared by the Bureau and as other volumes dealing with Colorado history are written, they too will be made available to the general public.

It is my pleasure to present this latest volume of the Cultural Resources Series to the public and to the professional community. It is equally my pleasure to note that this volume is the tenth in the series and is a milestone in that we have published, over the last four years, ten volumes of a highly popular and well regarded series. Of this accomplishment, I am extremely proud.

Dale R. Andrus
State Director, Colorado
Bureau of Land Management
March, 1980

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