The Bison of Yellowstone National Park
NPS Scientific Monograph No. 1
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THIS RESEARCH WAS UNDERTAKEN with the sponsorship of the National Park Service and the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, University of California, Berkeley. The research report, accepted as a doctoral dissertation in 1970 by the University of California, is presented here with minor modifications.

The project, conducted over a span of 7 years while I was employed as a Park Naturalist by the National Park Service at Yellowstone National Park, would not have been possible without the assistance of many people. Among the National Park Service personnel who contributed, particular appreciation is due John Good, former Chief Park Naturalist, for encouragement and assistance in arranging work requirements to allow time for the study. Park Rangers Peter Thompson, Dale Nuss, and Gordon Boyd assisted with some of the field work. Biologist Glen Cole contributed ideas and suggestions. Aubrey Haines provided information on historical sources.

Dave Stradley, Gallatin Flying Service, made possible the quality of the aerial observation work. Kenneth Greer, Supervisor of the Montana State Fish and Game Department Laboratory, provided food habits analysis assistance. W. E. Booth, Montana State University, verified plant identifications. John Ricks, Livingston, Montana, facilitated autopsy work. Keith Hoofnagle did the maps and graphs.

Financial support was provided by the National Park Service and the Union Foundation Wildlife Fund, administered by the University of California. The Yellowstone Library and Museum Association contributed to the reproduction of dissertation copies.

To these people and organizations, and the many other individuals who provided information, encouragement, and assistance—my thanks.

July 1972


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