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America's National Park Service: The Critical Documents
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    The Early Years, 1864-1918

    Defining The System, 1919-1932

    The New Deal Years, 1933-1941

    The Poverty Years, 1942-1956

    Questions of Resource Management, 1957-1963

    The Ecological Revolution

    Transformation and Expansion, 1970-1980

    A System Threatened, 1981-1992

    Appendix: Summaries of Lengthy Documents

    About the Editor

America's National Park System:
The Critical Documents
Chapter 2:
Defining the System 1919-1932

Amendment to the Federal Power Act, 1921

AMENDMENT TO THE FEDERAL POWER ACT, Approved March 3, 1921 (41 Stat. 1353)

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That hereafter no permit, license, lease, or authorization for dams, conduits, reservoirs, power houses, transmission lines, or other works for storage or carriage of water, or for the development, transmission, or utilization of power, within the limits as now constituted of any national park or national monument shall be granted or made without specific authority of Congress, and so much of the Act of Congress approved June 10, 1920, entitled "An Act to create a Federal Power Commission; to provide for the improvement of navigation; the development of water power; the use of the public lands in relation thereto; and to repeal section 18 of the River and Harbor Appropriation Act, approved August 8, 1917, and for other purposes," approved June 10, 1920, as authorizes licensing such uses of existing national parks and national monuments by the Federal Power Commission is hereby repealed. (U.S.C., title 16, sec. 797.)

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