Searching for Yellowstone Ecology and Wonder in the Last Wilderness


Paul Schullery

This is an image of Searching for Yellowstone Ecology and Wonder in the Last Wilderness by Paul Schullery. [Watercolor painting of the nature]

Yellowstone is one of the best-known places on earth-or is it? The popular image of the world's first national park is composed of equal parts myth, hype, and rare glimpses of the incredible wonder of the place. Searching for Yellowstone is the first environmental history of one of America's greatest and most far-reaching experiments. Combining exhaustive research with twenty-five years of experience at Yellowstone, Paul Schullery paints a dramatically new picture of the park and its meaning to the world, showing how Yellowstone's "discovery" by whites followed 10,000 years of occupation and use by native Americans, and how the park's founding became a creation myth for the conservation movement. Yellowstone's image as a peaceful, unchanging American wilderness is belied by a century of bitter debate over what its real purpose should be, as our continually changing relationship with nature has altered our preconceptions about wild country. The park's founders had no idea that the hot springs they preserved would someday provide us with the material for such miraculous technologies as DNA fingerprinting. Nor could they have imagined that Yellowstone would become a global conscience, a barometer of the health of a rapidly changing planet. The search for Yellowstone is as vital and unpredictable today as it was in 1872, and Paul Schullery makes an urgent, eloquent, and startlingly practical case for ensuring that Yellowstone lasts for another 125 years.

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