Parashant Canyon - Copper Mountain Mine - Mollie's Nipple

Mule point overlook into Parashant Canyon and the Grand Canyon
Looking into colorful Parashant Canyon from Mule Point. The road on the canyon floor winds around the bend to the west to reach Copper Mountain Mine and the Mollie's Nipple area. The steep and narrow Trail Canyon dugway is just to the left out of the photo.

NPS - J. Axel

Stone wall and building that is mostly collapsed with cliffs in the distance
Nothing much left but ruins.

NPS - J. Axel

How do you feel about steep dropoffs right next to the road? The ones that go down hundreds of feet?

If you are looking for adventure, rarely seen scenery, and a bit of an adrenaline rush, and you have a high clearance 4x4 like a Jeep or UTV with all-terrain tires, the BLM1230 road down the Trail Canyon Dugway into Parashant Canyon and out to a middle bench of the Grand Canyon may be for you. Stock 4x4 pickups and SUVs are discouraged from taking this route due to rough conditions, steep turns, and narrow road sections next to sheer dropoffs.

From the Mt. Trumbull Schoolhouse take BLM1063 southwest toward Andrus Point. BLM1063 passes through several gates. After 9.9 miles you will reach BLM1230. Take a right. At the 4x4 warning sign, the road drops into Trail Canyon. This dugway is very steep with grades exceeding 20%. You may need to rest your vehicle's brakes at one of the flat areas so they can cool down. The dugway drops 2,000 feet in elevation in only a few miles. For those afraid of heights, be aware there are several sections of this road that have sheer dropoffs at the edge of the road that go down several hundred feet. The road in Trail Canyon can be washed out and impassible after monsoon storms.

Once in the bottom of Parashant Canyon continue downcanyon. At mile 16.2 you will reach a Y and a sign in box. BLM1232 is the spur road to Copper Mountain Mine. Take a left to the mine. BLM1230 continues below Andrus Point west to Dripping Spring and ends near Mollie's Nipple.

Last updated: June 6, 2018

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