Winter/Spring 2010 Bird Sightings

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The following list includes sightings made from January 1st through January 2nd:

(1) Brown pelican

(2) White pelican

(3) Snow goose

(4) Redhead

(5) Bufflehead

(6) Turkey vulture

(7) Northern harrier

(8) White-tailed hawk

(9) American kestrel

(10)Aplomado falcon

(11)Black-bellied plover


(13)Long-billed curlew

(14)Greater yellowlegs

(15)Lesser yellowlegs


(17)Ruddy turnstone

(18)Herring gull

(19)Ring-billed gull

(20)Laughing gulls

(21)Forster's tern

(22)Royal tern

(23)Caspian tern

(24)Great-tailed grackle

Last updated: February 24, 2015

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