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The bookstore and gift shop are located within the park Welcome Center at 65 McBride Avenue Extension, and are administered by our cooperating association Eastern National.

Easternal National has been a valued partner of the National Park Service since 1947. Its mission is to offer quality educational materials and services to park visitors and supporters, and to aid the National Park Service and other public trusts with income derived from these activities.

To accomplish its mission, Eastern National collaborates with National Park Service interpreters, historians, and scholars to produce many new products and publications each year, which cover cultural, natural, and American history.

These award-winning products and publications are offered in educational outlets at many National Parks and other public trusts, as well as on the web at Part of the proceeds from these purchases help aid our National Parks. Since 1947, Eastern National has donated over $100 million to the National Park Service and other public trusts.

Visit the online store for America's National Parks:

Reusable bags
Choose to Reuse!

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Choose to Reuse: 140 Bagless Stores and Counting!

Throughout summer 2019 and beyond, Eastern National rolled out the Choose to Reuse bagless program in their America’s National Parks® and participating Eastern National stores across the country, including their store here at Paterson Great Falls. Since announcing the Choose to Reuse program in 2018, they’ve made substantial reductions to the number of plastic bags used in their stores. In fact, they are on track to completely eliminate disposable shopping bags from their stores by the end of 2020!

When a customer makes a purchase at an America’s National Parks® or participating Eastern National store, they can “choose to reuse” by purchasing an inexpensive reusable tote bag, or forgo a bag altogether. Complimentary paper bags are offered for small purchases, but many visitors find they can easily slip their purchase into their daypack or pocket, further reducing our impact on the environment.

Last updated: April 27, 2020

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