Straight Talk

On May 19 and 26, 2012, Palo Alto Battlefield hosted the symposium "Straight Talk: What Really Happened in the U.S.-Mexican War." The symposium featured four historians, each with extensive knowledge of the topic, who spoke about various aspects of the U.S.-Mexican War.

Who started the war between the United States and Mexico? Who were the men who fought that war? What documents explain what really happened in this conflict? And is Texas really as unique as it claims? These were some of the questions that were answered in the symposium. Both sessions were video taped. For more information about the video recordings, contact Karen Weaver at 956-541-2785 ext. 332.

Below is a list of the reading materials distributed during the event.

Origins of U.S.-Mexican War. View from South of the Rio Grande

Common Soldier Activities

Drill Information for Teachers

Diary Entry from Brazos Santiago

Diary Entry from Brazos Santiago w/ maps

The Mexican War Letter of Theodore Laidley

Mexican American Voices book entry

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