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What They Wore: U.S.-Mexican War Traveling Trunks

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Traveling trunks allow your students to "try on" history. Have students wear the uniforms to compare/contrast the U.S. and Mexican uniforms to each other, to modern uniforms, and to their own clothes. Examine the personal items and discover how things change or stay the same. The teacher's guide includes a historical background, descriptions of each replica, and lesson plans. The half-hour video Eyewitness to War News can be shown in segments and can also be downloaded For Kids page.

Borrowing Instructions

At this time, trunks are only available to educators in the local area and must be picked-up and dropped off at the Palo Alto Visitor Center. The visitor center is located at 7200 Paredes Line Rd. just north of the intersection with FM 511. Trunks may be borrowed for up to two weeks. For more information, email us or call (956) 541-2785, ext. 333.


Hispanic or Latino American History and Culture, History, Mexican War, Westward Expansion
National/State Standards:
Gr K-4 National Standards-Social Studies: U.S. History 2, 3
Gr 5-12 National Standards-Social Studies: World History Eras 4 & 7
U.S. Army, Mexican Army, soldiers, war
Traveling Trunk

Last updated: December 7, 2017