Fort Washington Park Collection

Standard issue bowl for use by soldiers
A standard issue bowl for use by soldiers at the fort during the early 20th century. "QMD" stands for Quarter Master Department.

The old fort is one of the few U.S. seacoast fortifications still in its original form. When ocean-going warships had wood sides and carried smoothbore cannons, no enemy would attempt to ascend the river before destroying the fort. But changing technology made the fort useless. Our government built concrete emplacements to meet the threat of iron-sided ships and rifled guns. When they became obsolete the post was turned over to the infantry and finally became a military training facility. Over 200 years of army presence has left the park with a diverse group of military structures and a rich history of service to our country and the nation's Capital.

Collection Summary

Archeological objects systematically recovered from within the park's boundaries and associated field records; objects related to the operation of the Fort by the U.S. Army (c. 1808-1945), to the ownership of the property by the Diggs family (c. 1717-1824); objects and archival materials associated with persons who served on the post; objects and archival materials related to ancillary activities of the U.S. Lighthouse Service and the Civilian Conservation Corps that occurred on the post (c. 1808-1945).

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Facilities Exhibiting Museum Items
  • Fort Washington Park Visitor Center – Waldorf, MD


Mike Antonioni
(National Capital Parks - East)

Last updated: April 20, 2016