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Anacostia Park

An urban oasis, Anacostia Park was created in an effort to improve the water quality of the Anacostia River and provide usable park lands for public recreation. After decades of crop cultivation by early- European settlers and years of dredging in the late-19th century, this section of the river fell into disuse and became overgrown and a breeding ground for malaria-carrying mosquitoes. It was suggested by the Senate Park Commission that the five miles of riverfront shoreline along the Anacostia River be reclaimed and turned into a park; this recommendation was made official by the United States Congress in 1918. Administration of Anacostia Park was transferred to the National Park Service in 1933.

Since then, Anacostia Park has remained a place for community gatherings and recreation. The park was home to Langston Golf Course, which was built in 1939 as the first golf course for African Americans on federal land. The park boasts a range of recreational opportunities from ranger-led educational programs, athletic fields and courts to picnic areas, playgrounds, a skating pavilion, a fitness center and many things in between.

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