Find Your Park with Storymaps

1)Learn about archeology at Lincoln Home National Historic Site in Springfield, Illinois!

The National Park Service preserves the house President Lincoln lived in during his campaign for president and the surrounding four city blocks at Lincoln Home National Historic Site. Since the site was established in 1971, numerous archeological investigations have accumulated over 80,000 artifacts. View photographs and 3D models of some of these artifacts and learn more about life in the late 1800s in this interactive ArcGIS Story Map!
Lincoln Home Storymap

2)Learn more about MWAC's long history with preserving our past.

The Midwest Archeological center was born from the largest salvage archeological office in the nation - The Missouri River Basin Project, which operated for twenty-four years, collecting over 1.8 million artifacts in 29 states.
Missouri River Basin Project Storymap

3)Learn about the Hopewell Culture Mound

The Hopewell Culture National Historic Park encloses six important archeological sites –including the cluster of nearly 40 earthen mounds referred to as the Hopewell Mound group. Artifacts at this site indicate thriving and exciting centers of social, economic, and ritual activity.
Hopewell Mound Storymap

4)Learn about the archeology at Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site

One of our big partnership events, the first ever ArcheoBlitz, is happening this May at Knife River Indian Villages NHS!In celebration of this great event, and to close out NPS centennial week, we have created a series of digital tours to celebrate MWAC and the parks in the region.To learn more about KNRI, the people who lived there in the past, and ArcheoBlitz, check out this link.
Knife River Indian Village Storymap

Last updated: April 27, 2016