ISB "Detailer" and Internship Programs

Detailers, Interns, and US Park Rangers work closely with ISB Special Agents to advance NPS criminal investigation skills.
Detailers, Interns, and US Park Rangers work closely with ISB Special Agents to advance NPS criminal investigation skills.

NPS photo by the Investigative Services Branch.

ISB Detailer Program

As ISB Special Agents frequently work the US Park Rangers in the field, many take the initiative to mentor those rangers who show clear interest in criminal investigations. Both work groups prosper from this sharing of training and experience. The Special Agent Detailer Program of the Investigative Services Branch provides a more formal path for US Park Rangers/US Park Police Officers to work with ISB Special Agents and enhance their criminal investigation skills. The program can help participants determine whether or not they want to pursue a career as a special agent.

ISB has hosted detailers in most of its Field Offices. Detailers experience first-hand what work as a special agent entails. They lead investigations, execute search warrants, issue subpoenas and court orders, make arrests, and participate in court proceedings.

Detailers are provided with clear expectations as well as a comprehensive overview of the policies and procedures administered during the program. Each detailer's training and experience is documented along the way. Costs associated with the detailer program are shared in most cases between ISB and the detailer's home park. Typically, base pay is funded by the park and Law Enforcement Availability Pay (LEAP) is funded by ISB. The detailer is usually converted to the 1811 series for the duration.

Detailers who become self-sufficient in a short period of time have assisted ISB Special Agents by working their own cases. This helped reduce caseload and increased ISB's overall efficiency and effectiveness. Several graduates of this detailer program have gone on to become ISB Special Agents.

An ISB intern examines fingerprints and other evidence at a crime scene.
An intern works with ISB Special Agents to examine fingerprints and other evidence at a crime scene.

NPS photo by the Investigative Services Branch.

ISB Internship Program

Like the Detailer program, internships provide strong opportunities for potential special agent candidates. Interns work alongside ISB Special Agents in select Field Offices. They provide valuable case support and carry out the kinds of special tasks and administrative projects that keep daily operations strong.

Who can be an intern? Interns have generally been those with some NPS seasonal law enforcement experience or criminal justice majors from a nearby university.

What do interns do? Considered volunteers and therefore not necessarily subject to intensive background checks, Interns may be limited or restricted as to how they can assist special agents with their criminal cases. Nevertheless, ISB interns perform a wide variety of investigative support activities and are a vital part of our program.

Where are interns stationed? Availability of housing is often a determining factor as to where ISB has the ability to host interns.

When does ISB take on interns? This is a volunteer program with start and end dates stipulated by an individual intern's situation (class schedule, seasonal employment, and furlough are some examples) and by the needs of the hosting ISB Field Office.

How do I apply for an ISB internship? Contact us! Send us your bio -- a brief statement of your experience, interest, and where you might like to serve. Be sure to include your availability dates and how we can reach you.

Why be an ISB intern? This program has proven to be beneficial to potential special agent candidates and to the Investigative Services Branch. Interns have contributed thousands of hours of much-appreciated service to the program, and work with criminal investigators on real cases. The internship program can help participants decide whether this career is a match for them.

Current and future student employees of the National Park Service may find a wealth of helpful information at the NPS Student Employees social media page. This network is a student-focused Employee Resource Group that aims to foster idea sharing and professional development for current and future students employed by the National Park Service. Comprised of student employees, hiring officials, and other advocates from across the Unified DOI Regions, the network acts as a liaison between hiring officials, human resources, and students, to facilitate discussion about challenges specific to student employees and to seek innovative solutions where possible. They work to make the NPS a healthier and more fulfilling place for students to find their careers.

Last updated: March 16, 2022