Traditional NRCA Reports

Since 2008, NRCAs have been completed for more than 200 parks and are ongoing, at varying stages of completion, and these will largely conclude by 2019. Parks with questions about your current NRCA, please contact your NRCA Regional Coordinator.

NRCAs have provided parks with credible resource condition data used in developing Resource Stewardship Strategies, Vulnerability Assessments, and other reporting tools. Ad hoc uses of NRCA study findings have also occurred for things such as park special-use permit reviews and preparation of General Management Plans.

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General Guidance and Templates for Download

Traditional NRCAs follow a common set of national guidelines and requirements. Within the sideboards established by that guidance, parks and study investigators have substantial flexibility—and are encouraged to be innovative—in developing study design details that are a good fit for the park's local circumstances and highest-priority information needs.(Note that departure from these requirements requires prior approval from NRCA program leads at region and national office levels—see list of contacts.)
Additional background information on using ecological frameworks and assigning reference conditions and values.

Completed NRCA Reports

NRCA Regional Contacts/Coordinators

Alaska Region: James Lawler
Intermountain Region: Dave Vana-Miller
Midwest Region: Carmen Thomson
National Capital Region: Patrick Campbell
Northeast Region: Bill Thompson
Pacific West Region: Marsha Davis
Southeast Region: Dale McPherson

Washington Office NRCA Program Lead: Jeff Albright
Washington Office FCA Lead: Tammy Cook
Washington Office NRCA Publication Team: Michelle Banowetz, Lindsey Marshall, Alyssa McGinnity, and Jen Strona

Last updated: February 19, 2020

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