NRCA Guidance and Useful References

Traditional NRCA Guidance

Traditional NRCAs follow a common set of national guidelines and requirements. Within the sideboards established by that guidance, parks and study investigators have substantial flexibility—and are encouraged to be innovative—in developing study design details that are a good fit for the park's local circumstances and highest-priority information needs.

National Guidelines and Requirements

  • Apply to all 2009 (and subsequent year) project starts
  • Identify minimum requirements and outline project-level flexibility
  • Will be revised on an as-needed basis

(Note that departure from these requirements requires prior approval from NRCA program leads at region and national office levels—see list of contacts.)

Standard Report Outline + Standard Chapter 1

General Standards, Requirements, and Project Flexibility

Guidance for Evaluation of Air Quality in NRCAs

More information on frameworks and reference conditions/values.

NRCA Regional Contacts/Coordinators

Alaska Region: James Lawler
Intermountain Region: Dave Vana-Miller
Midwest Region: Nicole Athearn
National Capital Region: Patrick Campbell
Northeast Region: Christine Arnott
Pacific West Region: Marsha Davis
Southeast Region: Dale McPherson

Washington Office NRCA Lead: Jeff Albright

Last updated: February 19, 2019