Aquatic Systems Branch

A shallow creek flows through a grassy eroded gully. One man stands by the water holding a red and white striped pole. Another man stands on the small bluff above the water with a surveyor's tripod.
Surveying an eroded stream channel at Channel Islands National Park (California)

NPS/Mike Martin

The Aquatic Systems Branch is focused on freshwater physical and biological technical expertise and information management.

The Fisheries program provides technical assistance and policy guidance in managing and restoring native fish and their habitats in parks.

The Hydrology program provides technical and policy advice regarding hydrologic issues for the over 100,000 miles of perennial rivers and streams and over 2.3 million acres of lakes and reservoirs in the National Park System.

The Information Management program supports parks in analysis and archiving of hydrologic data, including database design and data management, as well as GIS applications.

The Water Quality program coordinates aspects of water quality protection in national parks and provides technical assistance to parks requiring water quality specialties.

The Wetlands program provides leadership and technical expertise for protection and management of over 16 million acres of NPS wetlands, ensures compliance with the NPS "no net loss of wetlands" policy, and provides assistance with wetlands restoration projects in parks.

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Last updated: May 2, 2016