Aquatic Systems Branch

The Aquatic Systems Branch is focused on freshwater physical and biological technical expertise and information management. ASB capabilities are provided by 5 main programs.

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Coho salmon swimming in a river.

Fish Program

The Fish program provides technical assistance and policy guidance in managing and restoring native fish and their habitats in parks.

View looking out at wetlands in Denali National Park.

Wetlands Program

The Wetlands program provides expertise for protection and management of over 20 million acres of NPS wetlands.

Water rushing onto shore at Lake Clark National Park.

Water Quality Program

The Water Quality program coordinates aspects of water quality protection in national parks.

Big Thompson River rushes by at Rocky Mountain National Park.

Hydrology Program

The Hydrology program provides technical and policy advice regarding hydrologic issues for rivers, streams, lakes, and reservoirs.

Tools used to collect data for water monitoring.

Information Management

The Information Management program supports parks in analysis and archiving of hydrologic data.

Last updated: December 27, 2017