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November 5, 2014: Jonathan Jarvis, then-Director of the National Park Service, joined Mike Reynolds, Associate Director for Workforce, Relevancy, and Inclusion; Sangita Chari, Special Assistant to the Associate Director; and Nina Roberts, Professor in the Department of Recreation, Parks, and Tourism at San Francisco State University, to discuss the National Park Service's ongoing relevancy, diversity, and inclusion efforts. The panelists addressed the agency's accomplishments and challenges, and answered questions submitted by audience members by email and through Twitter. You can watch a recording of the discussion on the Department of the Interior's Livestream page.

"Yeah, We're Beautiful"

Explore how the National Park Service embodies and embraces the pillars of relevancy, diversity, and inclusion
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Explore what relevancy, diversity, and inclusion means to the National Park Service.

Last updated: July 25, 2023