Itinerary Wyoming

Casper to Split Rock, Wyoming

Between 1840 and 1869, approximately 500,000 emigrants moved across the western plains in search of free farmland, freedom of religion, wealth, and new business opportunities. They traveled to Oregon's Willamette Valley, the Great Salt Lake Valley, and the California gold fields.

Explore the Oregon, California, Pony Express, and Mormon Pioneer National Historic Trails. This itinerary begins at the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center in Casper, Wyoming.

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Casper to Split Rock, Wyoming, Itinerary Sites:

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National Historic Trails Interpretive Center
Visit the center
Bureau of Land Management –contact information, hours, address
Photography exhibit article

Fort Caspar
Fort Caspar Museum

Bessemer Bend
WyoHistory, Bessamer Bend

Avenue of Rocks
WyoHistory, Avenue of Rocks
Independence, Avenue of Rocks
Scenic USA, Wyoming

Willow Springs
WyoHistory, Willow Spring
WyoSHPO, Willow Spring
Willow Springs to North Platte

Prospect Hill
WyoHistory, Prospect Hill
WyoSHPO, Prospect Hill
Independence, Prospect Hill

Independence Rock
WyoParks, Independence Rock Historic Site
WyoSHPO, Independence Rock

Devil's Gate
Interpretive Site Bureau of Land Management, Interpretive Trails
WyoHistory, Devil's Gate
WyoSHPO, Devil's Gate

Mormon Handcart Historic Site
Mormon Handcart Historic Site
Mormon Handcart Visitors Center

Martin's Cove
WyoSHPO, Martin's Cove
WyoHistory, Martin's Cove Controversy

Split Rock
Bureau of Land Management, Split Rock
WyoSHPO, Split Rock
WyoHistory, Split Rock

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