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The National Trails Intermountain Region (NTIR) is hosting the #AmericanSolarPhotoChallenge on the Oregon National Historic Trail (NHT) to celebrate the efforts of students and schools competing in the American Solar Challenge (ASC). We want to share and highlight great images of the young people participating in the ASC with the sights and sites of the Oregon NHT as the backdrop.

The #AmericanSolarPhotoChallenge will take place on the NTIR Instagram page (@NationalTrailsIMR) and will run for the duration of the American Solar Challenge, beginning with the opening ceremonies on July 13th through the final day of the event on July 22nd.

The Challenge is for students, teams, universities, and the public participating in and watching the ASC to encourage engagement with the Oregon Trail. We invite everyone to share your images broadly with participating university communities, team sponsors, friends and families and through various social media channels.

solar car driving on paved road in foreground with overland covered wagon and oxen in background
A car in the 2016 American Solar Challenge passes the sculpture of oxen pulling a covered wagon at Scotts Bluff


  1. Post a photo of your ASC crew and/or solar car with recognizable Oregon Trail landmarks or sites on your team’s Instagram page. Photos may also be posted on a personal Instagram page from someone on the team. Be sure to…
    1. … include the location of your image in your post.
    2. …you have permission post recognizable images of other people.
    3. …set your image settings to “public” so others can see it, like it, and enjoy it.
  2. Use the hashtag #AmericanSolarPhotoChallenge somewhere in the caption.
  3. Respect private property, all local laws, and all site regulations while taking your photos.
  4. By submitting a photo to the contest through the hashtag, the image enters the public domain. Your photo may be used by the NPS and others without the photographer’s permission.
  5. Submit your photos by 5:00 pm, Saturday July 21st to be considered.
  6. There is no limit on the number of images you can hashtag and submit. If we’re overwhelmed with submissions, we will select up to 25 images to be considered for prizes.

Last updated: July 6, 2018

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