American Solar Challenge: Farson, Wyoming

Solar cars pass through the checkpoint in Farson, Wyoming on July 18. Check the American Solar Challenge 2018 page for event details. Follow the race and related events on Facebook with: American Solar Challenge and Oregon National Historic Trail.

Farson, Wyoming: The Sandy and the Green

The original route of the Oregon Trail continued southwesterly from South Pass toward today’s tiny community of Farson, Wyoming, on the east bank of the Big Sandy River. But no buildings (or ice cream parlors!) stood there when wagons passed through in the 1840s and 1850s: it was just a good place to camp and water up before heading into the next desert. Next challenge: crossing the swift, deep Green River.

Learn more at these locations:

  • Big Sandy Crossing (WY-28, Farson, Wyo.) Wagons on their way to Oregon, Utah, and California forded (drove across) the Big Sandy River here. Roadside monuments commemorate their passing. At Farson, follow WY-28 across US-191 and over the river bridge. The pullout is on the right.
  • Big Sandy Pony Express Station Site (US-191, Farson, Wyo.) A Pony Express station stood here from 1860 until 1862, when it was burned by Indians. The site is on private property but it can be viewed from a pullout where monuments commemorate the Pony Express. At Farson, turn north on US-191 and make an immediate left into the pullout.
  • Lombard Ferry/Mormon Ferry Crossing (Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge, Wyo.) Here was one of several crossings of the dangerous Green River. Mormons ran a commercial ferry service here but some travelers decided to save the fare and brave the current themselves. Many drowned trying to ford, as the deep water could send wagons and oxen drifting downstream. To reach the site, continue southwesterly from Farson on westbound WY-28 for 28 miles. Before crossing the Green River, watch for the refuge sign; after crossing the bridge, turn left into the parking area and interpretive site near milepost 102. Walk down the path to see a replica wagon ferry. Would you load up your wagon and family on it and attempt cross the Green?

Last updated: July 5, 2018

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