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Oregon Caves National Monument & Preserve Educational Fee Waiver Instructions

The following information has been taken from National Park Service Regulations (NPS-22). This is the guideline to be followed in granting education fee waivers. Bona fide educational or scientific institutions may qualify if the following conditions are met. Please Read Carefully. Your fee waiver cannot be processed without the following documents and forms. Applications must be received by the Education Coordinator three weeks in advance of the anticipated visit. Refunds will not be granted. Fee waivers will not be granted on-the-spot.

The completed Fee Waiver packet should contain:

  1. Fee Waiver Application Form---pdf
  2. Proof that your group is an accredited educational organization, such as a letter of accreditation or an educational tax exemption letter. A tax-ID number is not sufficient;
  3. A copy of your lesson plan that includes national, state, or district standards;
  4. A statement indicating how visiting the Oregon Caves fits into your lesson plan.

Email the forms and accompanying documentation to the Education Coordinator. If you have questions about the fee waiver process call (541) 592-2100 ext. 2261.

Required Document to Distribute to the Group:

Leader's Checklist for Fee Waiver, pdf

Chaperone's Guidelines, pdf

Chaperones are Required!

The number of Chaperones allowed for each waiver will be:

  • College students - 1 Chaperone per 14 students
  • High School students - 2 Chaperones per 13 students
  • Elementary & Middle students - 2 Chaperones per 13 students

For example: an elementary school group of 20 students is accepted for a fee waiver. The 20 students may be accompanied by 4 Chaperones at no cost. Additional chaperones must pay the standard tour fee to participate on a cave tour. A chaperone is defined as a teacher, teacher's aid, or parent helper.

When the Visit is Recreational...

You are entered as an "organized - noncommercial" group. The following fees are then in effect:

  • $10.00 Adults, ages 16 and over
  • $7.00 Youth, ages 15 and under

Fee waivers are not granted solely or partially on distance to their facilities and/or economic justification.

Organizations that are generally considered service, civic, or fraternal, e.g. Scouting, Rotary, Elks, and so forth do not qualify for the educational fee waiver.


Last updated: February 26, 2016

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